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Transfer History

Players bought: 19
Players sold: 26
Total purchases: Rs 22,941,311
Total sales: Rs 24,342,600
Displaying 41-45 of 45 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
09-01-2014Ritvik KhandelwalANGELS N DEMONSDeactivated team 3,190306,000 
08-01-2014Sulaiman MunirANGELS N DEMONSMagnificent U20ians 5,010400,000 
06-01-2014Akhyath GodkhindiDeactivated teamANGELS N DEMONS 1,687100,000 
05-01-2014Hanif MohammadDefinite DisciplesANGELS N DEMONS 2,569165,800 
24-11-2013Ritvik KhandelwalBengali devilANGELS N DEMONS 3,161500,000 
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