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Transfer History

Players bought: 141
Players sold: 151
Total purchases: Rs 1,198,535,681
Total sales: Rs 1,193,466,600
Displaying 61-80 of 292 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
05-03-2019Shahid AmmarLEADERS OF THE PIONEERSMariners 2494 69,5369,000,000 
05-03-2019Darshan Maneindia cool XILEADERS OF THE PIONEERS 21,8686,350,000 
04-03-2019Darvesh GillKarthik WarriorsLEADERS OF THE PIONEERS 60,28820,000,000 
02-03-2019Eddie LeeLEADERS OF THE PIONEERSLhr Warriors 57,19924,720,000 
02-03-2019Sourav SharmaLEADERS OF THE PIONEERSHrsh Havocs 37,3845,000,000 
01-03-2019Vedamsh VatwaniSuperKingzLEADERS OF THE PIONEERS 24,37511,069,200 
28-02-2019Sachin SriwastavaSaad GamerLEADERS OF THE PIONEERS 27,7278,382,600 
26-02-2019Debesh ChhangteLEADERS OF THE PIONEERSKaustubh Keypunchers 56,8687,164,400 
26-02-2019Tinashe MadzivaLEADERS OF THE PIONEERSTamil Rockets 8585 30,0024,000,000 
26-02-2019Devansh LakhotiaLEADERS OF THE PIONEERSKaustubh Keypunchers 91,8519,000,000 
25-02-2019Gayan AmarasingheKrishna Kingmakers 6640LEADERS OF THE PIONEERS 25,2357,000,000 
19-02-2019Ronak UdayakumarAllegiantsLEADERS OF THE PIONEERS 25,0968,034,000 
19-02-2019Pradeep DhammikaLEADERS OF THE PIONEERSRahul Riders 2040 45,5254,040,000 
17-02-2019Clune RankinTORNADO X1LEADERS OF THE PIONEERS 57,42116,257,000 
15-02-2019Pratik SaxenaLEADERS OF THE PIONEERSGinoo'S XI 111,42325,000,000 
18-01-2019BalMukund SaiSaranT SQUARES XiiLEADERS OF THE PIONEERS 39,2607,745,600 
10-01-2019Gurshant SidhuCrymeMastersLEADERS OF THE PIONEERS 24,1497,210,000 
09-01-2019Subhash JainSUPER KIDSLEADERS OF THE PIONEERS 22,0265,705,000 
09-01-2019Bowen MurtaghLEADERS OF THE PIONEERStwinkling Stars xI 39,0717,000,000 
07-01-2019Cedric AlcottLEADERS OF THE PIONEERSratkillscat 62,8539,116,700 
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