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Transfer History

Players bought: 137
Players sold: 184
Total purchases: Rs 2,841,116,823
Total sales: Rs 3,016,315,220
Displaying 1-20 of 321 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-10-2019Rahul AkkineniHIT CHAMPSEnemies of the Ball 19,3684,030,000 
01-05-2019Amarendra JoshiAjit Axes 6717Enemies of the Ball 42,08511,019,200 
30-04-2019Dhaval KatrodiyaShimla Otters 5385Enemies of the Ball 101,53530,508,600 
26-04-2019Rajneesh VatwaniEnemies of the BallMEERUT HUNTERS 227,37989,280,000 
30-10-2018Diproo ManrayarEnemies of the BallTHE NOOBSTERS 140,07576,180,000 
29-10-2018Tamil KumbleKongu Warrior'sEnemies of the Ball 216,389120,300,000 
26-10-2018Saket AlokeBibin BigshotsEnemies of the Ball 1,86340,000 
27-09-2018Aaron WarnerGryffindor EliteEnemies of the Ball 166,359129,900,000 
27-09-2018Upul SangakkaraEnemies of the BallCochin Thunderbolts 109,00933,840,000 
26-09-2018Malinda LakmalNations Of UnitedEnemies of the Ball 110,80661,322,400 
01-05-2018Noor KarzaiEnemies of the BallShiva destroyers 17,5041,050,000 
16-04-2018Vinod BhukarEnemies of the BallInsane Champs 82,23548,196,300 
15-04-2018Tyrell McMorrisMussu BiiilllllaaasterzzZEnemies of the Ball 64,85460,081,600 
15-04-2018Rajneesh VatwaniTWISTED CHOICEEnemies of the Ball 79,39321,650,000 
15-04-2018Diproo ManrayarThe Vino VictoriansEnemies of the Ball 59,63046,350,000 
15-04-2018Yuvraj RainaV ALL ROUNDERSEnemies of the Ball 43,74132,413,200 
15-04-2018Sachin SehwagNitish SuperkingsEnemies of the Ball 77,89646,000,000 
15-04-2018Ravindra AshwinShivi Sliders 6907Enemies of the Ball 28,31011,000,000 
11-04-2018Mansukh ChandranKerala Blasters X1Enemies of the Ball 10,4183,129,700 
10-04-2018Rithesh BhatEnemies of the BallFINANCIAL HUB 222,68872,959,500 
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