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Transfer History

Players bought: 31
Players sold: 37
Total purchases: Rs 134,394,399
Total sales: Rs 77,840,120
Displaying 41-60 of 68 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
18-11-2016Raghava KeeranGAME CHANGER XIMavericks 1250 23,715351,800 
14-11-2016Krishan BajajGAME CHANGER XIDeactivated team 21,029200,000 
14-11-2016Anthony MarshGAME CHANGER XIAnirudh 11 14,244208,100 
14-11-2016Jason JacksonGAME CHANGER XIMSD's CSK 10,40813,400 
14-11-2016Brayden DoreyGAME CHANGER XIGFK Empire's 7,87711,100 
14-11-2016Harshil AgarwalGAME CHANGER XIRoyal city FC 15,995104,100 
12-11-2016Patrick PontingGAME CHANGER XIDhoni Xi 8039 10,62850,000 
12-11-2016Ryan GilchristGAME CHANGER XICabeza XI 12,432100,000 
11-10-2016George JohnstonGAME CHANGER XIThe invincibles XI 6213 35,7831,018,200 
11-10-2016Chanaka KulasekaraGAME CHANGER XIKamesh Kings 19,629119,500 
11-10-2016Venkatesh GuptaGAME CHANGER XIAhmedabad United 17,699108,400 
10-10-2016Abraham AaronBig Hitter XIGAME CHANGER XI 15,993983,800 
08-10-2016Afzal AcklandDeactivated teamGAME CHANGER XI 16,1831,420,000 
08-10-2016Syed MalikSarfrazali Warrior 4645GAME CHANGER XI 14,562100,000 
20-08-2016Trishanie SterlingManthan ElevenGAME CHANGER XI 28,345600,000 
20-08-2016Mohammad ManzoorvasanthaganeshGAME CHANGER XI 20,4422,080,800 
11-08-2016Rick LaurantusGAME CHANGER XINaughty Kings XI 29,495900,000 
08-07-2016Dhammika PereraWaheedHPGAME CHANGER XI 12,5381,111,400 
01-05-2016Manam DiwakarHK's XIGAME CHANGER XI 25,187500,000 
28-04-2016Raghava KeeranKISHEN CCGAME CHANGER XI 13,894138,300 
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