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Transfer History

Players bought: 31
Players sold: 37
Total purchases: Rs 134,394,399
Total sales: Rs 77,840,120
Displaying 21-40 of 68 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
01-03-2017Luke DaleGAME CHANGER XIRed Devil Xl 16,5461,591,900 
01-03-2017Darshit BanerjeeGAME CHANGER XINaughty Kings XI 11,6421,615,100 
01-03-2017Matt ClarkeGAME CHANGER XINaughty Kings XI 21,5154,223,000 
01-03-2017Navin OswalGAME CHANGER XIAabhishek XI 16,893600,000 
01-03-2017Anupam BhagatGAME CHANGER XIIndia 2453 14,4161,020,000 
01-03-2017Prafful KohliGAME CHANGER XIIndia 5678 18,695816,000 
01-03-2017Raghava MaraneGAME CHANGER XITelugu Velugu 22,6712,476,600 
01-03-2017Geoff StanleyGAME CHANGER XIGhost House 3319 7,918861,800 
01-03-2017Luke AckermannGAME CHANGER XIDeactivated team 18,3062,000,000 
20-12-2016Sajeeka RanatungaKings X1 IndiaGAME CHANGER XI 28,9137,120,000 
20-12-2016Ambhu KadniNaani BlastersGAME CHANGER XI 11,3801,000,700 
20-12-2016Navin OswalDineshbuildtech DustersGAME CHANGER XI 16,893730,700 
20-12-2016Ajay ShergillMahim MagnificantsGAME CHANGER XI 21,9754,080,000 
19-12-2016Prafful KohliVirudhu WarriorsGAME CHANGER XI 18,6952,000,000 
15-12-2016Raghava MaraneKkr Super KingGAME CHANGER XI 16,7872,599,999 
15-12-2016Anupam BhagatRoyal RhinosGAME CHANGER XI 12,8273,000,000 
10-12-2016Daniel TaylorGAME CHANGER XIHouse Forrester 38,31110,200,000 
02-12-2016Bradley WynyardGAME CHANGER XIThe Inferno Superlords 26,7661,530,000 
22-11-2016Trishanie SterlingGAME CHANGER XIRasta W Indies 28,345200,000 
18-11-2016Zeeshan HossainGAME CHANGER XIDeactivated team 18,730234,500 
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