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Transfer History

Players bought: 158
Players sold: 251
Total purchases: Rs 4,355,169,044
Total sales: Rs 4,731,228,367
Displaying 1-20 of 409 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
20-07-2019Mohammad RizviPindi gymkhanaThe Royal Team 89,53650,000,000 
20-07-2019Badri NaaraPindi gymkhanaThe Royal Team 171,94950,000,000 
19-07-2019Gallagher OmailleLegendary TalesThe Royal Team 423,838165,000,000 
18-07-2019Shahid MohammadKhan boys jnrThe Royal Team 232,78398,217,600 
17-07-2019Iftekar KoofiWajiii YanksThe Royal Team 139,65942,047,200 
16-06-2019Pranav HijamThe Royal Teamcrickter's 251,655125,676,000 
15-06-2019Johny DuncanThe Royal TeamPammik Star 286,94357,855,800 
15-06-2019Chamu MakovahThe Royal TeamPindi gymkhana 316,20470,000,000 
24-05-2019Henry CarnegieLegendary TalesThe Royal Team 160,37490,000,000 
26-04-2019Chamu MakovahFlat track StrikersThe Royal Team 316,204100,000,000 
24-04-2019Johny DuncanLegendary TalesThe Royal Team 310,245110,000,000 
29-03-2019Callum WilliamsThe Royal TeamGame Over 412,75074,868,000 
27-03-2019Sumir JainThe Royal TeamDeactivated team 98,62252,676,800 
27-03-2019Badri NaaraThe Royal TeamPindi gymkhana 167,41463,195,800 
27-03-2019Samrat KumarThe Royal TeamTEAM NADEEM 195,985145,169,400 
27-03-2019Ismail MohammadThe Royal TeamGreen Bleed Only 209,46267,566,000 
27-03-2019Anupam HangsingThe Royal Teamsehar11 262,232125,364,400 
26-03-2019Pranav HijamFlat track StrikersThe Royal Team 251,655150,000,000 
26-03-2019Derek DruryThe Royal TeamKaois 51,53919,111,700 
01-03-2019Badri NaaraLegendary TalesThe Royal Team 167,414100,000,000 
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