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Transfer History

Players bought: 21
Players sold: 42
Total purchases: Rs 23,382,600
Total sales: Rs 17,714,800
Displaying 1-20 of 52 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
02-12-2016Gangaraaju AnantaneniPhoenix Knight Furiers 27PMR Rock Stars 20,7612,040,000 
28-11-2016Annamneni KishorePhoenix Knight Furiers 27Saifiimran Indians 17,9671,159,200 
28-11-2016Bazid MiandadPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Spartanz Blinders 13,9171,000,900 
24-11-2016Lonwabo RichardsPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Archers 22,148510,600 
24-11-2016Vagish BaalasubramanianPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Kssameera Kabils 18,228400,000 
21-11-2016Suresh DewanDeactivated teamPhoenix Knight Furiers 27 27,3939,945,000 
10-11-2016Sanaul KardarPhoenix Knight Furiers 27AaaarCcccBbbb 16,864360,600 
10-11-2016Livtar DhillonPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Jai Ho Bharath 2 13,963155,800 
10-11-2016Wasim SalahuddinPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Gujarat Roar lions 2510 15,518104,100 
10-11-2016Dhanishta AtluriPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Ranavas Royal 16,053200,000 
10-11-2016Husain GilaniPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Three Star 31,150630,000 
22-10-2016Vivek NadarPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Kumbakonam Immortalists 10,644100,000 
06-10-2016Kumar ChandrababuPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Bricklayers Arms 36,2301,000,000 
07-08-2016Monthi MoneiroPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Backstreet Boyz 14,600200,000 
23-07-2016Satyajeet HauselPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Bothell Boreals 16,738970,000 
20-07-2016Gokul ArunPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Dominica Natureboys 14,224255,000 
20-07-2016Satyajeet HauselPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Phoenix Knight Furiers 27 16,738970,000 
20-07-2016Suhaife VaanavaraayarPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Punjab Da Shar Assasins 15,604300,000 
20-07-2016Dhanishta AtluriPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Phoenix Knight Furiers 27 16,0531,000,000 
20-07-2016Vivek NadarPhoenix Knight Furiers 27Phoenix Knight Furiers 27 10,644300,000 
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