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Transfer History

Players bought: 89
Players sold: 106
Total purchases: Rs 839,224,977
Total sales: Rs 929,331,400
Displaying 1-20 of 194 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-10-2017Umar AkmaalLegendary TalesABD THE SUPERMAN 99,23775,000,000 
06-09-2017Nathan PontingABD THE SUPERMANbusinessman7 74,93832,980,600 
01-09-2017Andrew EwingABD THE SUPERMANHakoona Matata 15,8432,805,700 
01-09-2017Arlo PittABD THE SUPERMANYogesh Yank 24,7142,935,500 
11-08-2017Arthur RasonABD THE SUPERMANCHENNAI KINGS 5673 18,9311,134,500 
11-08-2017Brenden BaconABD THE SUPERMANccOD 20,7812,661,900 
11-08-2017David SymondsABD THE SUPERMANsuper 11 1658 28,6512,521,300 
30-07-2017Archie McClenaghanABD THE SUPERMANUKT BLACK 15,1593,000,000 
30-07-2017Steve RichardsonSahyadri DevilsABD THE SUPERMAN 67,85944,000,000 
22-07-2017Faf MorkelABD THE SUPERMANTelengana warrior 22,6784,254,400 
21-07-2017Hussein HashmiABD THE SUPERMANThunderballs and Firebats 23,9376,242,400 
21-07-2017Colin WatersABD THE SUPERMANDeactivated team 22,1495,100,000 
20-07-2017Dharam KathuriaABD THE SUPERMANDragon warriors DWS 30,00312,000,000 
16-07-2017AB ClarkeABD THE SUPERMANkarachi kings 3533 28,4729,373,400 
10-07-2017Andy HannahABD THE SUPERMANDeactivated team 21,7555,836,700 
06-07-2017Edmund WaideKshatriyas XIABD THE SUPERMAN 21,21120,108,800 
04-07-2017Earl Owenlahore hornetsABD THE SUPERMAN 19,89514,341,200 
02-07-2017Ompati YadavABD THE SUPERMANMAGICAL FORCE 20,94810,692,300 
23-06-2017Ompati YadavYuvaraj ClubABD THE SUPERMAN 20,94815,361,900 
19-06-2017Gurtej BathEvolutionariesABD THE SUPERMAN 64,20457,265,900 
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