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Transfer History

Players bought: 71
Players sold: 77
Total purchases: Rs 212,831,300
Total sales: Rs 744,561,299
Displaying 1-20 of 148 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
10-12-2017Vece MadeiraLeague Of Assassins 1349Deactivated team 79,52160,000,000 
10-12-2017Arnav KhandelwalLeague Of Assassins 1349Maasha Allah 71,32147,740,500 
26-11-2017Siddhant JainLeague Of Assassins 1349Eagle Cage 103,11375,000,000 
26-11-2017Varun NandodeLeague Of Assassins 1349XTREME HEROES 104,57275,000,000 
26-11-2017Uddhav PaiLeague Of Assassins 1349Eagle Cage 107,96081,954,600 
26-11-2017Lester SobersLeague Of Assassins 134911SUPERHEROES 95,63665,000,000 
02-05-2017Partho BhattLeague Of Assassins 1349DraGon RiVerie 16,9474,939,600 
15-02-2017Umaprasad GuptaLeague Of Assassins 1349VIRTUAL CRICKETERS 68,29250,000,000 
20-01-2017Vece MadeiraDeactivated teamLeague Of Assassins 1349 19,25846,532,600 
19-01-2017Kesarisut GoyalLeague Of Assassins 1349Sunriser's Hyderabad 73,77962,220,000 
15-01-2017Ambar PanikkarLeague Of Assassins 1349KK XI Riders 88,17420,000,000 
30-12-2016Parth ChaturvediLeague Of Assassins 1349The Rich Finches 18,5204,800,000 
14-12-2016Dhruvraj Gujar11SUPERHEROESLeague Of Assassins 1349 86,30635,609,600 
06-12-2016Jabber KhanLeague Of Assassins 1349Deactivated team 11,666348,500 
06-12-2016Taha QadeerLeague Of Assassins 1349Deactivated team 13,023399,999 
06-12-2016Ned ReesLeague Of Assassins 1349Aayush XI 2811 12,256624,301 
06-12-2016Ishaan KhandelwalLeague Of Assassins 1349tamil2250 31,2166,120,000 
06-12-2016Ashank SomnathVicky ParLeague Of Assassins 1349 14,47042,000 
05-12-2016Hussein AliLeague Of Assassins 1349Deactivated team 11,954500,000 
05-12-2016Robert RandallforeverNorth11League Of Assassins 1349 13,69021,400 
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