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Transfer History

Players bought: 33
Players sold: 37
Total purchases: Rs 50,002,001
Total sales: Rs 58,164,800
Displaying 61-70 of 70 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
04-08-2013Saiyid WazirBratz of BengalLos Pollos Hermanos 5,5513,294,600 
25-07-2013Harun KhanBratz of BengalAmonia 3,378800,000 
19-07-2013Ismail QadirAvengerssBratz of Bengal 3,8053,533,200 
16-07-2013Daarshik MongiaBratz of BengalWinning Stars 4,1331,872,800 
12-07-2013Dabnshu BhattacharyyaBratz of BengalDeactivated team 2,793861,800 
11-07-2013Sanjeewa AsangaFighters ClubBratz of Bengal 2,8871,200,000 
09-07-2013Rajesh PenugondaDeactivated teamBratz of Bengal 56110,000 
07-07-2013Kartar ChahalBratz of Bengaldada eleven 7,2065,100,000 
03-07-2013Venkatesh KunapareddyDeactivated teamBratz of Bengal 56410,000 
30-06-2013Sulaiman KhanBratz of BengalDeactivated team 1,971425,000 
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