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Transfer History

Players bought: 113
Players sold: 140
Total purchases: Rs 893,998,591
Total sales: Rs 1,171,416,020
Displaying 241-253 of 253 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
01-09-2016Gobinda BhagawatiTigers of FutureEver Green Xi 7,67080,000 
01-09-2016Hasnain JalalviKUNNING PRINCETigers of Future 14,33316,100 
31-08-2016Cyril WaterreusAvengers 5752Tigers of Future 11,817290,000 
30-08-2016Steve WixonMatir XITigers of Future 8,43620,000 
23-08-2016Bharat SanzgiriTigers of FutureINSANIOUS XI 8,013550,000 
20-08-2016Brett TilleyBlackpearlTigers of Future 27,891312,200 
19-08-2016Aziz Fasihuddinkonex tigersTigers of Future 11,147500,500 
19-08-2016Jack WilliamsiRock'sTigers of Future 10,553299,900 
19-08-2016Karun AroraSony SixersTigers of Future 22,195102,000 
14-08-2016Naval ChaudharyTigers of Futurekonex tigers 14,0671,126,400 
04-08-2016Stuart FrostBravo huntersTigers of Future 19,8021,104,300 
25-04-2016Stanley FlemingBeast modeTigers of Future 15,2701,294,200 
25-04-2016Steve TaylorSabir ElevenTigers of Future 24,5124,229,200 
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