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Transfer History

Players bought: 63
Players sold: 69
Total purchases: Rs 504,903,500
Total sales: Rs 382,815,100
Displaying 121-131 of 131 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
13-04-2016Alfie MorganFEROCIOUS REVOLUTION ccRavindra Rambos 28,0281,250,000 
13-04-2016Rakesh PariharWRONG ONE CLUBFEROCIOUS REVOLUTION cc 20,0352,040,000 
13-04-2016Umar KhanWorld StrikersFEROCIOUS REVOLUTION cc 13,828800,000 
13-04-2016Sundeep BhattaFEROCIOUS REVOLUTION ccFEROCIOUS REVOLUTION cc 8,94020,400 
12-04-2016Firoz AhmedDeactivated teamFEROCIOUS REVOLUTION cc 7,266100,000 
12-04-2016Kevin DumcombeCks challengersFEROCIOUS REVOLUTION cc 25,2172,006,200 
12-04-2016Maximilian KallisPerth PioneersFEROCIOUS REVOLUTION cc 15,9111,047,200 
11-04-2016Precious MahachiXORsFEROCIOUS REVOLUTION cc 14,5161,360,000 
11-04-2016Justin BrownDARK KNIGHT XIIIFEROCIOUS REVOLUTION cc 9,377204,000 
11-04-2016Gilbert WaideDeactivated teamFEROCIOUS REVOLUTION cc 8,92111,400 
10-04-2016Chandrakishore AggarwalTEAM HJFEROCIOUS REVOLUTION cc 17,8371,111,111 
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