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Transfer History

Players bought: 43
Players sold: 91
Total purchases: Rs 118,809,720
Total sales: Rs 133,899,921
Displaying 81-100 of 133 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
29-10-2016Clint Marshamit starPuneee suppeer giants 13,64210,000 
27-10-2016Brett ParkerPuneee suppeer giantsBLOOD FIRE 12,3502,500,000 
21-10-2016Marley SolomonPuneee suppeer giantsDeactivated team 16,318302,000 
20-10-2016Laurence Virgochennnnai suppper kinggsPuneee suppeer giants 19,1141,200,000 
20-10-2016Mushfiq Elahichennnnai suppper kinggsPuneee suppeer giants 15,8292,000,000 
18-10-2016Sachin JainPuneee suppeer giantsGreen heavens 15,214114,300 
18-10-2016Iman MurtazaPuneee suppeer giantsORANGE ARMY team 13,1901,053,300 
18-10-2016Shreyansh RameshPuneee suppeer giantsAP hunter 12,76522,000 
18-10-2016Abhirup AgarwalPuneee suppeer giantsRahul Rivals 2454 14,91410,500 
18-10-2016Pinesh DhamandaPuneee suppeer giantsDeactivated team 11,74510,800 
30-09-2016Binesh MazumdarPuneee suppeer giantsTaruneswar Toxics 10,7881,000,000 
30-09-2016Dhruv SagarPuneee suppeer giantsAdarsh Axes 15,77012,000 
30-09-2016Pratik HazariPuneee suppeer giantsiRock's 11,82810,800 
21-09-2016Ebrahim KhanPuneee suppeer giantsHISTORY CREATOR 18,263689,500 
21-09-2016Arvindra VatwaniPuneee suppeer giantsSingam Rocks 13,96610,200 
21-09-2016Sateesh BhagdikarPuneee suppeer giantsHero's xl 10,32710,000 
21-09-2016Jaidev TorathPuneee suppeer giantsNikky Woriors 18,48052,100 
07-09-2016Parvez MohamedDeactivated teamPuneee suppeer giants 27,6333,500,000 
07-09-2016Dharam YadavAK Invincibles 3292Puneee suppeer giants 19,694306,000 
06-09-2016Prateek ArakeriPuneee suppeer giantsBlitzkreig Boys 2337 8,53010,000 
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