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Transfer History

Players bought: 209
Players sold: 252
Total purchases: Rs 2,777,038,868
Total sales: Rs 4,487,722,679
Displaying 121-140 of 461 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-03-2017Naveen KonwarCrUsH ThE FoRcEkolkata 1145 45,8864,022,600 
23-02-2017Cedric LavarackCrUsH ThE FoRcEOteri Nari 22,93311,342,900 
16-02-2017Kenneth LaurieCrUsH ThE FoRcECricket'um 11 Kirukargalum 20,6504,329,800 
16-02-2017Tendai Maphosazimbabwe 939CrUsH ThE FoRcE 12,7793,300,000 
25-01-2017Ross Tilley14August1947CrUsH ThE FoRcE 17,9485,100,000 
20-01-2017Naveen Konwar14August1947CrUsH ThE FoRcE 45,8865,500,000 
17-01-2017Yash GangwalStreet RowdiesCrUsH ThE FoRcE 43,04554,121,700 
15-01-2017Damien McKay14August1947CrUsH ThE FoRcE 40,2675,300,000 
15-01-2017Sur ReshGalicia hondurasCrUsH ThE FoRcE 26,31734,000,000 
06-01-2017Sapan MahadevMOON LIGHT STARSCrUsH ThE FoRcE 15,92036,625,700 
05-01-2017Vettrimaran RanjithClassic XI StarsCrUsH ThE FoRcE 17,95726,117,600 
05-01-2017William Jordan14August1947CrUsH ThE FoRcE 17,1807,500,000 
04-01-2017Larry JaquesThe Boss BabyCrUsH ThE FoRcE 17,32923,334,800 
04-01-2017Sur ReshCrUsH ThE FoRcEBurning Aces 122,70979,235,100 
03-01-2017Sardar Salahuddin14August1947CrUsH ThE FoRcE 42,3575,750,000 
03-01-2017Shyne BondCrUsH ThE FoRcEMarauding Brawnies 56,47933,122,600 
03-01-2017Nigel Botha14August1947CrUsH ThE FoRcE 26,2627,100,000 
31-12-2016Satyen VermaRanavas RoyalCrUsH ThE FoRcE 24,99630,000,000 
31-12-2016Dharamnishth KapoorCrUsH ThE FoRcECuttack Carnival 152,05686,151,700 
31-12-2016Shyne BondEATSLEEPTRADEREPEATCrUsH ThE FoRcE 56,47948,000,000 
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