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Transfer History

Players bought: 209
Players sold: 249
Total purchases: Rs 2,777,038,868
Total sales: Rs 4,372,979,979
Displaying 81-100 of 458 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-11-2018Floyd BackhouseCrUsH ThE FoRcEInvincible Thunder Strikers XI 116,59865,790,000 
16-11-2018Sur ReshCrUsH ThE FoRcETHE SPECIAL ONE 177,159123,294,000 
16-11-2018Sapan MahadevCrUsH ThE FoRcENeutral XI 148,35067,421,400 
09-11-2018Larry JaquesCrUsH ThE FoRcEAllengeorge999 XI 166,62299,834,600 
24-09-2018Maartin GuptillDhedhi XICrUsH ThE FoRcE 122,327129,691,800 
04-03-2018Suresh SheokhandCrUsH ThE FoRcETiger platoons 59,4025,760,000 
02-03-2018Scott MortonCrUsH ThE FoRcEBOMBER 25,5088,682,900 
02-03-2018Dave WarnerCrUsH ThE FoRcEAkshay Winners 61,94763,973,500 
17-02-2018Zafar IbadullaCrUsH ThE FoRcEGOHAN'S TEAM 128,95970,392,300 
09-02-2018Dave Warner14August1947CrUsH ThE FoRcE 61,94770,000,000 
26-12-2017Zafar IbadullaDhedhi XICrUsH ThE FoRcE 128,95971,567,200 
22-12-2017Scott MortonSilent Killer 8606CrUsH ThE FoRcE 25,50810,840,000 
11-12-2017Chaturanga Kaluwitharana14August1947CrUsH ThE FoRcE 24,57010,500,000 
01-12-2017Brett DarvallCrUsH ThE FoRcEShaheen XI Club 132,28369,212,100 
16-11-2017Matt AbrahamsCrUsH ThE FoRcEallstars008 17,3163,000,000 
30-10-2017William Wagner14August1947CrUsH ThE FoRcE 17,9124,500,000 
20-09-2017Brett DarvallAranycsapatCrUsH ThE FoRcE 132,28383,054,800 
07-09-2017Shuja TajammulCrUsH ThE FoRcEAxeHunter XI 185,77153,045,000 
07-09-2017Azhar DharCrUsH ThE FoRcEkings xi punjab 2336 105,81340,000,000 
22-08-2017William JordanCrUsH ThE FoRcEBanglore Royalz 18,1653,500,000 
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