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Transfer History

Players bought: 197
Players sold: 238
Total purchases: Rs 2,493,709,368
Total sales: Rs 3,659,204,279
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
09-08-2014Abhinav ThondaimanCrUsH ThE FoRcEPakistan XII 5,54965,100 
06-08-2014Frederick WaddinghamCrUsH ThE FoRcEDemon Strikers 18,78110,200 
05-08-2014Anuj VishwakarmaCrUsH ThE FoRcEDemon Strikers 9,61950,000 
02-08-2014Giri ChandamallaCalcutta RoyalsCrUsH ThE FoRcE 24,0691,200,000 
24-07-2014Girik GoudarCrUsH ThE FoRcEkeerat11 11,57610,500 
20-07-2014Ajay MantravadiPower Star's XICrUsH ThE FoRcE 17,5231,020,000 
07-07-2014Sachin UdayarCrUsH ThE FoRcEThe Clown Punchers 4,235100,300 
07-07-2014Ross CorryCrUsH ThE FoRcEDeactivated team 10,64910,000 
05-07-2014Wayne LeviHAPPY LIFECrUsH ThE FoRcE 12,8071,000,000 
24-06-2014Abhinav ThevarCrUsH ThE FoRcEhunt begins 14,77653,200 
08-06-2014Abhimanyu KolliMysTic Warriors X1CrUsH ThE FoRcE 20,165918,000 
19-05-2014Anuj Vishwakarmalegendary rebelsCrUsH ThE FoRcE 9,619408,000 
11-05-2014Younis AhmedDevil HunterCrUsH ThE FoRcE 10,198520,200 
07-04-2014Kashi RastogiKrack 'Jacks'CrUsH ThE FoRcE 7,52820,000 
07-04-2014Satyanarayana GoundershowstoppersCrUsH ThE FoRcE 15,7371,020,000