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Transfer History

Players bought: 198
Players sold: 238
Total purchases: Rs 2,569,774,368
Total sales: Rs 3,659,204,279
Displaying 181-200 of 436 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
04-10-2016Anandavardhana AgarwalCrUsH ThE FoRcEKongu Warrior's 66,89030,775,100 
03-10-2016Tim DarrellCrUsH ThE FoRcEDistrict Knights CC 26,2469,876,543 
02-10-2016Richie WilesCrUsH ThE FoRcERajasthanRangers 39,1741,500,000 
02-10-2016Anil KumarCrUsH ThE FoRcERajdeeps Rhinos 36,5961,000,000 
02-10-2016Gordon JarmanCrUsH ThE FoRcERajdeeps Rhinos 45,5791,111,111 
29-09-2016Adrian NagamootooCrUsH ThE FoRcESensational Viratians 12,55910,000 
26-09-2016Gordon JarmanTie MarvelsCrUsH ThE FoRcE 45,579552,300 
26-09-2016Richie WilesSpreety SuperheroesCrUsH ThE FoRcE 39,174816,000 
26-09-2016Anil Kumar408 Philip HughesCrUsH ThE FoRcE 36,993530,000 
24-09-2016Kush HiremathCrUsH ThE FoRcEHarish Hawkeyes 38,8241,530,000 
21-09-2016Kush HiremathMynnix UnitedCrUsH ThE FoRcE 38,824318,500 
20-09-2016Bazid MalikCrUsH ThE FoRcEBengal Domination 44,9161,282,400 
18-09-2016Ashank DoshiCrUsH ThE FoRcEDravid11 23,101300,000 
18-09-2016Kuldeep MaanCrUsH ThE FoRcESach Atoms 18,611400,000 
16-09-2016Bazid Malikanil rahul xiCrUsH ThE FoRcE 44,916433,100 
16-09-2016Adrian NagamootooTWISTED CHOICECrUsH ThE FoRcE 12,55965,500 
14-09-2016Kuldeep MaanDeactivated teamCrUsH ThE FoRcE 18,611153,000 
14-09-2016Subrata GargPanagarh WarriorsCrUsH ThE FoRcE 12,353112,200 
13-09-2016Ashank DoshiLONDON SPARTANSSCrUsH ThE FoRcE 23,10150,000 
13-09-2016Bhaagavat PrasadBidhan's TigersCrUsH ThE FoRcE 14,901212,300 
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