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Transfer History

Players bought: 104
Players sold: 137
Total purchases: Rs 1,459,486,879
Total sales: Rs 1,500,482,420
Displaying 1-20 of 240 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
21-05-2018Varun NandodeMighty BisonsBengal Knights C 160,549105,000,000 
13-05-2018Lionel MessiBengal Knights CDhoni XI 4542 109,96650,279,200 
06-05-2018Sachin HidangmayumBengal Knights CDhoni XI 4542 18,3665,620,000 
04-04-2018Dev GoyalBengal Knights CSpinal Tappers 55,0837,889,800 
21-03-2018Paul PogbaKiller XIIBengal Knights C 133,169130,000,000 
14-03-2018Chaitanya GujarInvincible United XIBengal Knights C 130,886109,000,000 
28-02-2018Debesh SarmaBengal Knights CThe punisherr 243,506103,784,100 
26-10-2017Anton CarltonTaqi ThundersBengal Knights C 18,2941,433,100 
24-10-2017Jayant PratapBengal Knights CBips XI 183,66958,108,400 
19-10-2017Chintan ChhunthangBengal Knights CDeactivated team 14,2361,155,800 
24-08-2017Javed AkhtarBengal Knights CBips XI 83,60636,000,000 
21-08-2017Pratyush SharmaSk HittersBengal Knights C 2,70810,000 
21-08-2017Rhys NewtonFlaming CricketersBengal Knights C 3,23610,300 
20-08-2017Don AzeezBengal Knights CCuttack Carnival 190,75167,218,300 
17-08-2017Amin LatifSindh RaptorsBengal Knights C 6,21525,000 
10-08-2017Alvin WheenBengal Knights Cbangladesh 4242 16,6394,697,700 
27-07-2017Bert AldenBengal Knights COmmie Oblivions 21,2912,346,000 
23-07-2017Nathan WallsBengal Knights CSukanto XI 3167 16,9514,000,000 
20-07-2017Scott LeeBengal Knights CSixer XI 19,0212,100,000 
10-07-2017Nuwan AruniBengal Knights CBips XI 78,43522,500,000 
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