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Transfer History

Players bought: 62
Players sold: 55
Total purchases: Rs 633,589,900
Total sales: Rs 666,099,800
Displaying 1-20 of 116 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
29-01-2019Frank AckermannMumbai Indians FCReegan Riders 12,8673,322,000 
25-01-2019Moji JoshiMumbai Indians FCSid Team 58,74912,380,000 
07-01-2019Viren JainIndia 3424Mumbai Indians FC 12,8533,010,000 
30-12-2018Sunder YadallaMumbai Indians FCSun Risers Hydrabad FC 32,4493,050,000 
29-12-2018Chandranath SinghIndia 3424Mumbai Indians FC 162,89383,900,000 
27-12-2018Deepankar KaihlekMumbai Indians FCDeactivated team 18,3556,000,000 
27-12-2018Yash TomerMumbai Indians FCSahu XI 28,07716,490,300 
27-12-2018Richard HuttonMumbai Indians FCShaaz Slingers 13,2681,897,900 
25-12-2018Stuart ReadMumbai Indians FCSun Risers Hydrabad FC 44,46830,180,000 
20-12-2018Ramkrishna DangolMumbai Indians FCDeactivated team 12,726810,000 
19-12-2018Kandarpa HosamaniDeactivated teamMumbai Indians FC 11,5722,880,000 
19-12-2018Shripad GuravDeactivated teamMumbai Indians FC 13,4003,000,000 
19-12-2018Bipin PanditDeactivated teamMumbai Indians FC 66,29751,183,600 
18-12-2018Justin WhartonMumbai Indians FCRogues XI 164,61550,607,200 
18-12-2018James DuncanMumbai Indians FCRogues XI 141,27440,200,000 
25-11-2018Sourav AggarwalDeactivated teamMumbai Indians FC 27,3938,290,000 
21-11-2018Neeraj GujralMumbai Indians FCBD Rising Stars 11,7201,040,000 
21-11-2018Nisansala SenanayakeMumbai Indians FCBD Rising Stars 13,8791,050,000 
10-10-2018Justin WhartonSun Risers Hydrabad FCMumbai Indians FC 108,47147,000,000 
08-10-2018Apurva AgarwalMumbai Indians FCkolkata Knight Riders CF 52,96015,746,400 
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