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Transfer History

Players bought: 48
Players sold: 47
Total purchases: Rs 57,612,520
Total sales: Rs 37,836,610
Displaying 1-20 of 94 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
29-12-2016Bahadar DuttaBharath XI Clubkalal Visers the king 21,6092,186,100 
28-12-2016Dougie Brownkalal Visers the kingSuresh XI 1278 16,0102,200,900 
12-12-2016Daaman Gundapanenikalal Visers the kingNikhil Nightbeats 17,469870,000 
09-12-2016Ethan Vogeskalal Visers the kingDriceragon Dragons 15,4461,000,000 
09-12-2016Sparsh Joshikalal Visers the kingRohitsurana Rockets 22,2941,623,800 
09-12-2016Daaman Gundapanenikalal Visers the kingkalal Visers the king 17,4691,000,000 
07-12-2016Ritwik Mantrikalal Visers the kingBAAP OF BOWLERS 24,641500,000 
07-12-2016Steven McGuirekalal Visers the kingSree 11 5636 25,5862,040,000 
07-12-2016Hanif Miandadkalal Visers the kingAshish XI 7453 13,690104,100 
07-12-2016Raghu Thakrekalal Visers the kingMIDAS XI 8778 11,040104,100 
07-12-2016Ben SymondsDeactivated teamkalal Visers the king 19,6551,294,200 
06-12-2016Kshitiz Doshikalal Visers the kingClassico Cricket Club 10,915500,000 
04-12-2016Husnan AkramBlack Knights XIkalal Visers the king 25,888510,000 
03-12-2016Amit Rathorekalal Visers the kingKarnataka wrectaklers busters 12,28650,000 
30-11-2016George DolphinMODI Gkalal Visers the king 18,6431,456,100 
29-11-2016Steve FarlarmDhaka Clasher's XIkalal Visers the king 15,594560,000 
29-11-2016Ramesh Acharjeekalal Visers the kingSlytherin forever 19,2221,000,000 
29-11-2016Oliver WarneNow or Neverkalal Visers the king 23,0492,142,000 
25-11-2016Mrityunjay Aptekalal Visers the kingHISTORY DESTROYER 45,2973,000,000 
25-11-2016Sasi JeremyReddys Cricket Clubkalal Visers the king 27,7295,658,800 
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