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Transfer History

Players bought: 104
Players sold: 95
Total purchases: Rs 1,499,169,713
Total sales: Rs 1,766,852,347
Displaying 1-20 of 198 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
14-07-2020Abhinav Arorachennai legends XIBlitzkreig Performers 167,27131,906,800 
12-06-2020Vece Nazarethchennai legends XIBlitzkreig Performers 129,47922,486,800 
27-05-2020Alun Parkinsonchennai legends XINirv nonstop 122,77253,142,400 
24-05-2020Abhinav AroraTej XIchennai legends XI 166,87537,946,200 
13-05-2020Rambaks Chaudharyaru ultimate 11chennai legends XI 22,5256,138,400 
10-05-2020Bansi Guptachennai legends XIKhany786 79,30288,037,400 
07-05-2020Vijay Vairamchennai legends XIMuneeb XI 9889 190,36257,313,600 
30-04-2020Surbhit Sardachennai legends XITeam Invincible 94,23765,410,000 
25-04-2020Aditya BaidyaBlue Whales 4619chennai legends XI 9545,000 
24-04-2020Bs BediThe Dark Armychennai legends XI 300,190169,356,200 
23-04-2020William RandallNellai Challengerschennai legends XI 1,5045,400 
23-04-2020Sohail Bayatchennai legends XIStatic Zero 106,63267,075,300 
22-04-2020Vece NazarethMS DHONI 7chennai legends XI 123,24016,550,000 
22-04-2020Raghava Waghchennai legends XIAk Defenders 786 71,66010,200,000 
21-04-2020Andrew Watsonchennai legends XIEric Team 243,480100,340,000 
19-04-2020Sayak Mitrachennai legends XIAjneesh Attackers 25,609950,000 
18-04-2020Paul Normanchennai legends XIRagama Bears 73,79016,640,000 
10-04-2020Akbar HossainAussie Annaschennai legends XI 49,46714,451,500 
10-04-2020Husain QaziBaccha 11chennai legends XI 35,5647,285,000 
08-04-2020Bansi GuptaParcha 11chennai legends XI 79,30262,415,100 
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