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Transfer History

Players bought: 60
Players sold: 68
Total purchases: Rs 129,529,797
Total sales: Rs 128,325,000
Displaying 81-100 of 114 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
08-04-2016Narayanan MoopanarSOUTH ZONEHadali XI 9,89510,200 
08-04-2016Aruna MuralitharanSOUTH ZONEkerala frekerz 9,46310,000 
07-04-2016Babar ButtSOUTH ZONESOUTH ZONE 14,160800,000 
07-04-2016Rajesh NambiSOUTH ZONESOUTH ZONE 15,69710,000 
05-04-2016Satyajeet PhukanNIGHTS WATCH XISOUTH ZONE 11,8692,601,000 
04-04-2016Rajesh NambiSOUTH ZONESOUTH ZONE 15,69712,000 
22-03-2016Kush VeerapurSOUTH ZONEShadowx 22,27310,200 
22-03-2016Namal GayaniSOUTH ZONERajdeep Blasters SA 21,51810,000 
21-03-2016Pritesh GoyalSOUTH ZONEDeactivated team 6,92910,000 
21-03-2016Chandrakishore GoelSOUTH ZONEMasters' Club Kerala 19,888150,000 
19-03-2016Babar ButtGolokansSOUTH ZONE 14,160918,000 
18-03-2016Meghnad Krishnakerala Masters 1XSOUTH ZONE 10,607500,000 
18-03-2016Les MankadSOUTH ZONESOUTH ZONE 17,586100,000 
18-03-2016Niksy AmunugamaIndian BattleSOUTH ZONE 32,6472,760,400 
18-03-2016Dhruv KrishnanSOUTH ZONESOUTH ZONE 13,277200,000 
16-03-2016Kishan SinghSOUTH ZONEKUSA KNIGHTRIDERS 10,450510,000 
15-03-2016Rajesh NambiSOUTH ZONESOUTH ZONE 15,69795,000 
14-03-2016Venkat KurusarSOUTH ZONESURESH XI CLUB 8,087103,300 
13-03-2016Amit AlaparthiTelangana HawksSOUTH ZONE 12,1361,020,000 
13-03-2016Fajahat GulSOUTH ZONESOUTH ZONE 7,86730,000 
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