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Transfer History

Players bought: 101
Players sold: 122
Total purchases: Rs 2,032,646,940
Total sales: Rs 2,034,407,732
Displaying 61-80 of 223 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
14-09-2018Kevalkumar ArakeriSJ Sixersdelhi dare devils 4148 16,16811,989,200 
11-09-2018Tom DixitThe champ's 11SJ Sixers 200,26042,773,500 
09-09-2018Pranav MahlotraSJ SixersMelbourne Mice 101,81127,200,000 
09-09-2018Nikhil MohapatraPawan Pirates 6482SJ Sixers 110,83416,546,900 
08-09-2018Harsh SuranaSJ SixersThe Hulk XI 19,47118,540,000 
04-09-2018Matthew MoodySJ SixersMelbourne Mice 100,73129,850,000 
02-09-2018Sai RajivLions AdvancersSJ Sixers 268,47666,679,300 
01-09-2018Sulaiman MunirSJ SixersKT Super XI 22,18535,000,000 
26-08-2018Pranav RaySJ SixersMelbourne Mice 154,58042,603,600 
25-08-2018Irfan HaiderDooms XISJ Sixers 151,84445,679,200 
23-08-2018Surinder SinghSJ SixersMatts Mammoths 113,00816,256,100 
21-08-2018Justin RandallSJ SixersMelbourne Mice 139,30341,423,400 
21-08-2018Owen SpringerSJ SixersMelbourne Mice 92,13416,418,400 
21-08-2018Ajay DwyerThe Wild OnesSJ Sixers 254,15151,772,400 
19-08-2018Jayjit MongiaSJ SixersMelbourne Mice 18,47716,702,400 
19-08-2018Ap SambanthanSJ SixersMelbourne Mice 97,22228,000,000 
17-08-2018Ajkhyat RameshSJ SixersMelbourne Mice 16,21815,227,900 
17-08-2018Shardul ThakurRattle snakeSJ Sixers 217,16655,000,000 
15-08-2018Kevalkumar ArakeriIndian Kings 3974SJ Sixers 8,1763,201,800 
06-08-2018Harsh SuranaTaskmasterSJ Sixers 12,2095,336,400 
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