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Transfer History

Players bought: 100
Players sold: 88
Total purchases: Rs 1,991,755,878
Total sales: Rs 1,749,413,692
Displaying 1-20 of 188 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
31-03-2021Joshua BadgerGHOSTS'THE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD 189,59235,666,500 
29-03-2021Marcus BristowTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABADDeactivated team 156,50540,008,800 
11-02-2021Eesvaraprasaad ChavaliDeepak Dashers 6224THE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD 252,742107,013,300 
29-01-2021Chris RichardsonTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABADJigsawRagzz 271,65550,432,100 
27-01-2021Rishit AroraTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABADCoimbatore Warriors 61,87326,398,900 
26-01-2021Gagnesh SheladiyaCarmel KingTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD 213,496119,016,000 
20-01-2021Sushant Chitalekarachi king D K x11THE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD 12,2494,758,600 
18-01-2021Wahab RaselTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABADDhaka Sixers Stars 48,85826,810,000 
18-01-2021Edward WadsworthTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABADPune Warriors 6281 113,67214,010,700 
13-01-2021Amit BahniwalTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABADDeFeNdiNg ChaMpionS 52,66027,590,000 
23-12-2020Marcus BristowB L A C K C A P STHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD 183,89446,371,100 
01-12-2020Chris Richardson11WonderTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD 317,43650,744,800 
30-11-2020Parashuram KhandelwalKhan's KKRTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD 223,49072,792,000 
30-11-2020Chris TrottSeCuRiTy SmUrFsTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD 293,437221,450,000 
06-11-2020Edward WadsworthRoyal Challengers Indian XITHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD 138,75233,192,000 
09-09-2020Amit BahniwalPack HuntersTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD 13,3024,490,800 
06-09-2020Shakti KhandelwalMitchel XITHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD 416,887226,390,900 
06-09-2020Wahab RaselMilind CommandozTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD 7,0661,610,000 
06-09-2020Rishit AroraYoung Stars XI CCTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABAD 18,5004,880,200 
05-09-2020Tapas SavapanditTHE NIZAM'S of HYDERABADROYALCHELLENGER BENGLOR 81,36683,660,500 
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