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Transfer History

Players bought: 139
Players sold: 147
Total purchases: Rs 1,947,905,170
Total sales: Rs 1,999,879,520
Displaying 141-160 of 286 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
03-05-2019Jess SmithINDIAN HSSWDarshan Mehta's X1 Love 97,58017,000,000 
03-05-2019Andrew WarrenINDIAN HSSWDarshan Mehta's X1 Love 103,27021,000,000 
03-05-2019Sachin RitzzINDIAN HSSWDarshan Mehta's X1 Love 83,09721,000,000 
03-05-2019Marshall BaptistINDIAN HSSWDarshan Mehta's X1 Love 25,6084,019,500 
03-05-2019Rajeeb KhetanINDIAN HSSWHSSW BIHAR FIGHTERS 14,1304,710,400 
03-05-2019Shashi AgarwalINDIAN HSSWDarshan Mehta's X1 Love 20,31017,000,000 
02-05-2019Amit Jangidnikhil warriorsINDIAN HSSW 79,79318,000,000 
02-05-2019Pranav SahooIndian ChallangersINDIAN HSSW 215,39038,750,000 
02-05-2019William TrottINDIAN HSSWDarshan Mehta's X1 Love 12,7883,593,900 
02-05-2019Milkha RaikarDarshan Mehta's X1 LoveINDIAN HSSW 153,38326,112,400 
02-05-2019Roy BrowneEswar RidersINDIAN HSSW 25,872824,000 
02-05-2019Atul GallaEswar RidersINDIAN HSSW 21,726824,000 
02-05-2019Hasnain Legharikarachi king D K x11INDIAN HSSW 30,531630,000 
30-04-2019Brett RudysammyXIINDIAN HSSW 14,0105,715,100 
29-04-2019Abhijit JainRed AttackerssINDIAN HSSW 11,9051,980,000 
11-04-2019Owen Brownpunjab11 blasterINDIAN HSSW 12,0382,200,000 
10-04-2019Eldine AshbyINDIAN HSSWJames007 105,5337,565,100 
13-03-2019Vikas NairWings 2568INDIAN HSSW 8,437168,000 
12-03-2019Biplab BhattacharyaINDIAN HSSWIndoridevils 27,3784,500,000 
09-03-2019Andrew WarrenKhan's KKRINDIAN HSSW 127,98916,639,200 
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