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Transfer History

Players bought: 85
Players sold: 112
Total purchases: Rs 755,261,194
Total sales: Rs 724,115,516
Displaying 1-20 of 194 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
24-10-2017Vansh PrajapatiThugs of HindostanTeam Dabangg 9090 54,55115,999,999 
21-10-2017Grant StyrisDevrAje hero'sThugs of Hindostan 30,1446,423,900 
20-10-2017Anant BendigeriThugs of HindostanTeam Dabangg 9090 18,7154,500,000 
18-10-2017Henry HarryMonster BlastersThugs of Hindostan 23,0718,163,300 
10-10-2017Sulay RaoThugs of HindostanTeam Dabangg 4717 25,3485,000,000 
10-10-2017Gurpal DhillonThugs of HindostanKiwis 14,6644,000,000 
10-10-2017Balaraam AlluThugs of HindostanKiwis 19,1693,500,000 
10-10-2017Muhammad AkramThugs of HindostanKiwis 21,8211,500,000 
07-10-2017Puspendra Guwalaniromansagar reignsThugs of Hindostan 32,85011,330,000 
02-09-2017Pushpak SinghThugs of HindostanKiwis 39,55127,810,000 
01-09-2017Purushotham MazumdarThugs of HindostanSP XI NARAVI 16,7762,731,900 
31-08-2017Nishant BharukaEMERGING SUPERSTARSThugs of Hindostan 34,04113,390,000 
30-08-2017Yash DwivediMau XIThugs of Hindostan 78,20868,551,300 
30-08-2017Vansh PrajapatiEvolution'1997Thugs of Hindostan 54,55114,044,100 
30-08-2017Chandrakiran SaxenaGoutamjain GhosthuntersThugs of Hindostan 52,23319,441,700 
29-08-2017David BestThugs of HindostanIRT Ironmen 89,60450,671,100 
29-08-2017Salim HassanThugs of HindostanSTATE BATSMEN ACADEMY 49,27312,360,000 
28-08-2017Russell AddisThugs of HindostanBlue Devil XI 64,76526,999,999 
03-08-2017Cedric Gallandsunrisers 1145Thugs of Hindostan 25,7536,917,500 
31-07-2017Paresh DallaThugs of HindostanVsk kings 57,2323,189,100 
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