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Transfer History

Players bought: 63
Players sold: 109
Total purchases: Rs 3,458,676,579
Total sales: Rs 3,866,239,682
Displaying 1-20 of 171 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
01-11-2018Donough JohnstonMSB Super GiantsDelhittes 143,50260,880,100 
01-11-2018Shanne WatsonMSB Super GiantsMarauding Brawnies 385,770113,300,000 
12-10-2018Donough JohnstonFade to BlackMSB Super Giants 143,50285,500,000 
29-09-2018Shanne WatsonTHE SPECIAL ONEMSB Super Giants 383,291195,000,000 
26-09-2018Velugoti DongareMSB Super GiantsYfc Chillakkal 53,5055,459,000 
26-09-2018Baird DoakMSB Super GiantsBlack Panthers 11 297,921170,244,400 
25-09-2018Vinit GhanghasMSB Super GiantsVery Bad Hitters 338,74863,654,000 
24-09-2018Oliver KeaneyMSB Super GiantsKnoxfield Knockouts 277,370128,570,700 
18-09-2018Gaman PolisettyMSB Super GiantsBharath7 164,20241,200,000 
18-09-2018Oliver KeaneyMarauding BrawniesMSB Super Giants 277,370195,193,600 
17-09-2018Aniket NathanMSB Super GiantsGodmode X1 165,47532,308,300 
17-09-2018Hasan TareqMSB Super GiantsScintillating XI 291,980108,229,100 
17-09-2018Chriss WoakesMSB Super Giants3G TITANS 277,93498,538,400 
15-09-2018Hasan TareqSPECIAL SQUADMSB Super Giants 291,980230,000,000 
15-09-2018Amit BalanMSB Super GiantsBalaji's XI Riders 100,24647,064,500 
15-09-2018Shahhid AfridiMSB Super GiantsRising 11 364,675111,740,000 
15-09-2018Vinit GhanghasKnoxfield KnockoutsMSB Super Giants 336,504160,000,000 
14-09-2018Chriss WoakesSPECIAL SQUADMSB Super Giants 273,620236,422,500 
14-09-2018Glennn MaxwellMSB Super Giants11 Stars United 224,177142,169,700 
13-09-2018Aniket NathanMarauding BrawniesMSB Super Giants 165,47562,761,600 
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