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Transfer History

Players bought: 75
Players sold: 122
Total purchases: Rs 1,095,924,780
Total sales: Rs 1,052,860,440
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
25-01-2018Aakash RamnathMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11Arunesh Sparks 53,9655,219,500 
24-01-2018Ramesh AdhikariMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11Darshan Parekh The Best Ever Seen 45,4742,500,000 
29-12-2017Colin LyonAwkward TurtlesMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11 182,89246,704,200 
20-12-2017SaiKrishna ChettiarMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11Crazy Tuskers 193,82146,350,000 
23-11-2017Travis WasherMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11Lakkhi s Strikers 14,4481,000,000 
16-11-2017Jason CarlileMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11Malai Elu 007 21,2757,649,100 
16-11-2017SaiKrishna Chettiarmighty batsMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11 193,82143,260,000 
12-11-2017Matt WatsonMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11AllStars Manipal 24,22010,000,000 
12-11-2017Peter GarwoodMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11Durban Boelies 17,4801,267,100 
19-10-2017Addison CarneMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11James Jolters 4255 23,0022,384,300 
16-10-2017Oscar MacNeilMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11MoNsTeRs Army 21,4069,348,400 
09-10-2017Farook QureshiMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11What's in a name 23,51910,000,000 
09-10-2017Rajat RastogiOUTLAW TITANS XIMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11 161,01160,000,000 
07-10-2017Abraham SidebottomMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11hurricane X1 100,75958,349,500 
05-10-2017Jacob VogelMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11Devils Digglers 15,9182,200,000 
29-09-2017Abdullah HaqMUNSI THE GREATMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11 120,89580,628,400 
28-09-2017Brenton MascollMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11Distrait xi 112,65745,020,400 
26-09-2017Stephen MahometMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11Bazla Kings 20,1231,648,000 
22-09-2017Robert VadraThe NemesisMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11 116,43884,872,000 
21-09-2017Cedric HoggMASTER BLASTER'S INDIA 11The Doctor's Army 234,936100,000,000 
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