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Transfer History

Players bought: 45
Players sold: 98
Total purchases: Rs 69,535,053
Total sales: Rs 116,715,041
Displaying 1-20 of 142 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
15-06-2016Henry AbrahamsCSK MSDians XIWorld Class Warriors 16,4041,486,400 
03-06-2016Daniel ReinholdCSK MSDians XIUnited I 28,9506,019,800 
27-05-2016Matthew GaleCSK MSDians XIT20 STARS XI 11,6581,104,300 
14-01-2016Justin StuartCSK MSDians XILove SK XI 12,4991,351,500 
11-01-2016Kevin HaydenCSK MSDians XIThe Dark Destroyers 22,245278,600 
31-12-2015Doug PayneCSK MSDians XISummaXI 12,6112,126,400 
17-12-2015James DiCSK MSDians XI2 Dog Stars 11,3671,039,400 
17-12-2015Dean SolomonCSK MSDians XIMoNsTeRs Army 12,99321,900 
04-12-2015Eddie OldenCSK MSDians XIArjun's Destroyers 14,7202,502,500 
23-11-2015Steve AdairCSK MSDians XIKoustav Keypunchers 12,7012,945,000 
15-11-2015Lauren GlynnCSK MSDians XIThe Sons Of Pitches XI 13,0021,061,400 
09-11-2015Mick NewtonCSK MSDians XIDragon slayers ski 11,9123,000,000 
22-10-2015Josh BackhouseCSK MSDians XIBangalore Challengers XI 16,2032,006,300 
08-10-2015Matthew CarltonCSK MSDians XIDeactivated team 9,522238,000 
01-10-2015George LavaterCSK MSDians XIX Club 16,2353,473,800 
11-09-2015Mick AbbottCSK MSDians XIteja risers 12,890563,400 
11-09-2015Dominic GibbCSK MSDians XIchennai rock 18,1593,000,000 
30-08-2015Din MirCSK MSDians XISAILAM RISERS 13,437612,999 
30-08-2015Amir ChishtiMEE D KINGCSK MSDians XI 56,54518,000,000 
27-08-2015Donald BryanCSK MSDians XILightning Lynx 60,10815,232,000 
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