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Transfer History

Players bought: 348
Players sold: 328
Total purchases: Rs 3,101,509,594
Total sales: Rs 4,292,166,159
Displaying 181-200 of 667 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
30-05-2015Thakur ShiviDhonis Pirate MOJOIndian Idols 131,17649,470,000 
29-05-2015Murtaza AlviDeactivated teamDhonis Pirate MOJO 236,20572,572,000 
23-05-2015Umar SalehiDhonis Pirate MOJOstrom strickers 13,20850,000 
23-05-2015Marchant BojeDhonis Pirate MOJOINDIA TIGER 32,3294,200,000 
22-05-2015Abraham HackettX BlastersDhonis Pirate MOJO 35,9943,500,000 
22-05-2015Johan TilekarTN SUPER X1Dhonis Pirate MOJO 12,9834,925,600 
21-05-2015Sarar SajjadDhonis Pirate MOJOJAAT LIONS 97,09430,600,000 
20-05-2015Amit SinghTHE ROCKSDhonis Pirate MOJO 39,6912,000,000 
20-05-2015Arush AggarwalDhonis Pirate MOJOwest indian tigers 43,7352,500,000 
20-05-2015Marchant BojeDeactivated teamDhonis Pirate MOJO 32,3294,329,800 
20-05-2015Sudip KapurDhonis Pirate MOJOvirat viru 32,5413,141,600 
17-05-2015Gajapati MarriEXTRA TERRESTRIALSDhonis Pirate MOJO 118,94537,885,200 
07-05-2015Sardar MiandadDhonis Pirate MOJOchuprustam 113,42622,000,000 
06-05-2015Noor AhmedGalicia hondurasDhonis Pirate MOJO 30,4106,000,000 
19-04-2015Sartaj SethDelhi DynamosDhonis Pirate MOJO 104,27731,000,000 
16-04-2015Tofeeq SamiullahDhonis Pirate MOJODadagiri Unlimited 31,0177,000,000 
14-04-2015Stephen FishDeactivated teamDhonis Pirate MOJO 39,5063,000,000 
13-04-2015Roly PottonX BladesDhonis Pirate MOJO 32,9293,000,000 
13-04-2015Sarma KaniDhonis Pirate MOJOpanghal 57,3724,200,000 
10-04-2015Alister RebbeckDhonis Pirate MOJOHeat seekers 41,1941,104,300 
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