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Transfer History

Players bought: 132
Players sold: 166
Total purchases: Rs 1,701,853,951
Total sales: Rs 2,149,156,607
Displaying 1-20 of 295 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
14-09-2016Tharindu PereraRiddlers on the roofmatch striker 41,75132,327,700 
14-09-2016Matthews WadeRiddlers on the roofAcostiCz SA X1 60,79737,301,900 
14-09-2016Yasim KhurshidRiddlers on the roofDeactivated team 51,13322,497,700 
14-09-2016Don PiumiRiddlers on the roofTHE GREAT JAT 48,30420,782,300 
14-09-2016Benedict BaddeleyRiddlers on the roofBLACK SMASHERS 58,90935,700,000 
14-09-2016Montraie McCarthyRiddlers on the roofBattle Beasts 54,80435,327,500 
14-09-2016Baaodhav KarthikRiddlers on the roofBastille 51,41240,791,600 
14-09-2016Lucala MorkelRiddlers on the roofDefaultXI 50,79135,805,400 
14-09-2016Amal AbeyagunawardeneRiddlers on the roofThe All Losers 48,12633,315,500 
21-07-2016Ginio FredericksRiddlers on the roofKnights Watchmen 4863 41,34719,000,000 
12-07-2016Nithin RajRiddlers on the roofBlazing Phoenix' 19,35382,369,000 
08-06-2016Benedict BaddeleyPrometheusRiddlers on the roof 58,90942,269,600 
29-05-2016Yasim KhurshidDeactivated teamRiddlers on the roof 48,36440,917,300 
29-05-2016Don PiumiDeactivated teamRiddlers on the roof 48,30441,802,200 
24-05-2016Alun DaviesRiddlers on the roofDESTROYER XI 3294 22,9044,348,500 
24-05-2016Ginio FredericksRising DemonsRiddlers on the roof 41,34737,752,400 
24-05-2016Tinashe NcubeRiddlers on the roofAbhishek warriors 13 17,4911,122,000 
24-05-2016Faruq KhanRiddlers on the roofSOUTH AFRICA STARS 20,6541,385,400 
24-05-2016Chandika ThiliniRiddlers on the roofBandaYeahBindassHai 142,04571,765,400 
24-05-2016Faizal GhulamRiddlers on the roofSetiastars 16,7281,612,000 
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