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Transfer History

Players bought: 22
Players sold: 18
Total purchases: Rs 92,915,500
Total sales: Rs 33,563,000
Displaying 21-40 of 40 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
27-06-2013Jason NonaDeactivated teamRoyal Bulls 5,6482,334,700 
04-06-2013Sultan MiandadDeactivated teamRoyal Bulls 3,9371,953,000 
26-05-2013Masood AliDeactivated teamRoyal Bulls 5,3073,152,100 
21-05-2013Sami SalahuddinRoyal Bullsdsp champs 10,2112,298,600 
10-05-2013Aasit MarigodarRoyal BullsLegion of Night Fury 3,388637,500 
09-05-2013Ramesh JoshiBritain WarriorsRoyal Bulls 2,149500,000 
09-05-2013Cyril ReedRoyal BullsDeactivated team 1,746170,000 
24-04-2013Hussein HussainRoyal Bullssiva1111 1,609260,100 
21-04-2013Nikhil GoelDeactivated teamRoyal Bulls 1,554607,900 
16-04-2013Cyril ReedLegendary BihariRoyal Bulls 1,825214,000 
15-04-2013Harshal MalayamanRoyal BullsDeactivated team 2,151800,000 
08-04-2013Harshal GoyalRoyal BullsRAGING PANTHERS XI 1,67060,000 
05-04-2013Saurav BhatnagarRoyal BullsCHO X1 1,504302,900 
05-04-2013Sami SalahuddinDeactivated teamRoyal Bulls 11,9242,190,000 
03-04-2013Din ButtRoyal BullsThe Lie Lamas 1,00422,400 
30-03-2013Harshal MalayamanDeactivated teamRoyal Bulls 2,151683,400 
30-03-2013Hussein Hussainasi 11Royal Bulls 1,609459,800 
30-03-2013Harshal GoyalAkatsuki X1Royal Bulls 1,67052,100 
29-03-2013Saurav BhatnagarThe Dark SavioursRoyal Bulls 1,504240,000 
29-03-2013Din ButtGatorsRoyal Bulls 1,00416,300 
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