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Transfer History

Players bought: 119
Players sold: 187
Total purchases: Rs 3,607,235,128
Total sales: Rs 3,931,130,640
Displaying 1-20 of 306 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
15-09-2019Gordon StubbsMumbai Indians 01Two Rides Left 24,38713,800,000 
15-09-2019Shyful HaqueMumbai Indians 01Two Rides Left 86,46637,425,000 
20-08-2019Federer RogerTwo Rides LeftBensBees 251,504109,457,300 
17-07-2019Federer RogerFINANCE HUBTwo Rides Left 244,164192,565,600 
13-07-2019Anuj VishnuTwo Rides Leftcrickter's 176,62192,988,000 
03-07-2019Kang GoldyTwo Rides LeftShah Bahdsha 478,915111,916,200 
12-06-2019Anuj VishnuNo Game ScheduleTwo Rides Left 176,62192,092,000 
07-06-2019Des CarmichaelTwo Rides LeftRising Ahmedabad Stars 9501 59,5574,971,200 
07-06-2019Bhupesh HosmathTwo Rides LeftDeepdale Ducks 23,67617,970,000 
07-06-2019Jose SanchesTwo Rides LeftPALNADU CRICKET CLUB 35,03062,230,000 
03-06-2019Kang GoldyAngels XITwo Rides Left 546,068160,000,000 
02-06-2019Viraat KohliTwo Rides LeftGangster Squad 200,130122,436,000 
31-05-2019Sachin SamdaniTwo Rides LeftDeepdale Ducks 22,48617,340,000 
29-05-2019Pranav KumarTwo Rides LeftMUMBAI INDIAN 45 41,08829,241,700 
11-05-2019Viraat KohliAngels XITwo Rides Left 197,071166,000,000 
11-05-2019Praveen MaheshwariTwo Rides LeftBlood Of IDR 13,4883,000,000 
11-05-2019Tanuj KhandelwalTwo Rides LeftDurham Wolves 25,6092,210,000 
11-05-2019Niket AhujaTwo Rides LeftBlood Of IDR 12,2453,000,000 
11-05-2019Chetan BhattacharjeeTwo Rides LeftBlood Of IDR 14,6903,080,000 
08-05-2019Jasraj KumarTwo Rides LeftMysterious Missiles 39,31869,149,500 
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