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Transfer History

Players bought: 81
Players sold: 91
Total purchases: Rs 1,358,762,598
Total sales: Rs 1,457,271,174
Displaying 1-20 of 172 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
24-07-2018Yousuf LakhaniQuetta Gladiators Southpak Army 89,00615,132,000 
22-07-2018Anubhav VermaQuetta Gladiators Southpak Army 9,636994,500 
19-07-2018Shaun YoungImperil Xipak Army 13,9722,500,000 
05-07-2018Simon ClarkeImperil Xipak Army 11,3032,510,000 
08-06-2018Galton Nonapak ArmyDODGERS INDIA 45,72614,821,600 
12-04-2018Fayyaz MemonEver Green Xipak Army 21,5117,392,200 
10-04-2018Billy GreenEver Green Xipak Army 48,37510,000,000 
11-03-2018Rajesh Kodalipak ArmyDeactivated team 50,5084,720,000 
02-03-2018Andrew BeeteQuetta Gladiators Southpak Army 109,25330,000,000 
02-03-2018Galton NonaQuetta Gladiators Southpak Army 45,72640,000,000 
01-03-2018Sushant Medampak ArmyYou have won 226,25958,329,900 
23-02-2018Sushant MedamImperil Xipak Army 226,25970,000,000 
03-01-2018Arfath Yousufpak ArmyChennai Crunchers 48,99518,915,900 
03-01-2018Varun Nandodepak ArmyBlack Hawks' 156,86268,854,600 
21-12-2017Varun NandodeImperil Xipak Army 156,86282,000,000 
26-10-2017Anant Nanjaiahpak ArmyROYAL LIONS ATTACK 29,1056,365,400 
26-10-2017Narasimha Tanikellapak ArmyHITWICKETIAN 129,98356,105,700 
30-08-2017Narasimha TanikellaAfghan Academypak Army 128,89280,000,000 
30-08-2017Arfath YousufQuetta Gladiators Southpak Army 47,44840,000,000 
18-08-2017Ginger Quinnpak ArmyDadagiri Team XI 118,73670,000,000 
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