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Transfer History

Players bought: 158
Players sold: 199
Total purchases: Rs 525,985,111
Total sales: Rs 510,149,959
Displaying 1-20 of 357 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
23-01-2019Jyoti MaliTwo point zeroDeactivated team 31,809930,000 
21-01-2019Sachin KumarTwo point zeroPitch Smasher 48,5181,685,000 
21-01-2019Sumeet KapurTwo point zeroViolence 30,790511,800 
21-01-2019Rishab ChungkhamTwo point zeroNikhil Strikers 42,294690,100 
21-01-2019Baber SajjadTwo point zeropilakudipatti apsrl levens 213,99740,260,100 
20-01-2019Omey ZarapkarCrazy Indian TitansTwo point zero 95410,000 
20-01-2019Mrityunjay SomnathCrazy Indian TitansTwo point zero 1,63810,000 
20-01-2019Inzamam HasanShadab StrikersTwo point zero 1,19610,000 
20-01-2019Shoukat CheemaShadab StrikersTwo point zero 1,50410,000 
20-01-2019Shahanur ArafatShadab StrikersTwo point zero 95410,000 
20-01-2019Devakumar ChandrashekaraShadab StrikersTwo point zero 95410,000 
14-12-2018Baber SajjadDragonites 11Two point zero 213,99782,200,000 
04-12-2018Suneel JajooTwo point zeroTOpiz 82,14914,686,200 
03-12-2018Parikshit DobriyalTwo point zeropilakudipatti apsrl levens 67,69911,922,500 
29-11-2018Subhash BhagatTwo point zeroMumbai Cricket Club 6140 35,0281,332,500 
04-10-2018Ameen DharmasenaTwo point zeroRahul Royals 6611 93,40412,438,200 
04-10-2018Subhash BhagatPunjabi powerTwo point zero 40,9476,000,000 
11-09-2018Chiranjan KawlawiTwo point zeroZALMI XI 78,86310,433,600 
04-04-2018Viplav MaheshwariTwo point zeroRam Rivals 9887 18,5241,880,000 
04-04-2018Stanley LavarackTwo point zeroDazzlerzzz Demons 25,8212,950,000 
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