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Transfer History

Players bought: 183
Players sold: 137
Total purchases: Rs 774,549,360
Total sales: Rs 885,644,300
Displaying 101-120 of 319 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
12-01-2017Simon WeeninkSoldiers XI ClubHOWL TO THE MOON 17,4473,000,000 
08-01-2017Haresh ModiHOWL TO THE MOONFEROCIOUS Fasties 11 17,9112,520,000 
07-01-2017Daniel AstleBruce XIHOWL TO THE MOON 16,5579,711,200 
05-01-2017Haresh ModiMumbai DragonsHOWL TO THE MOON 17,9111,500,000 
04-01-2017Chandrakiran SiddhantSwipe StrikersHOWL TO THE MOON 14,262100,000 
04-01-2017Waseem TajammulHOWL TO THE MOONAlMewat Pakistan 17,8185,457,000 
03-01-2017Graeme MsimangMNG ReenforceHOWL TO THE MOON 9,634100,000 
03-01-2017Galton EdwardsLiverpool ClubHOWL TO THE MOON 39,5438,489,700 
02-01-2017Janak Thampi7 SinnersHOWL TO THE MOON 4,86211,700 
02-01-2017Sabir HussainHOWL TO THE MOONTASMANIAN TIGERS 19,4553,570,000 
02-01-2017Mark CarneHOWL TO THE MOONKarur Kings 19,3113,714,300 
02-01-2017Abhirup ThangbungHOWL TO THE MOONSuper Chams 22,4092,550,000 
01-01-2017Kumar AadirenCHENNAI TITANS XIHOWL TO THE MOON 8,78515,300 
01-01-2017Tamil ThondaimanChennai super kings 5HOWL TO THE MOON 17,97511,400 
30-12-2016Aastik KanitkarRSSB11HOWL TO THE MOON 17,2193,535,500 
30-12-2016Ranjan DharmasenaGRW StarsHOWL TO THE MOON 41,4623,400,000 
30-12-2016Abhirup AcharjeeLEGEND KILLING MACHINEHOWL TO THE MOON 35,7374,500,000 
30-12-2016Lalitchandra MoothanHOWL TO THE MOONRS D XI 22,681607,500 
30-12-2016Karan SoneHOWL TO THE MOONJayD Warriors 14,3611,061,300 
26-12-2016Andrew HartGurgaon TitansHOWL TO THE MOON 22,9912,165,000 
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