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Transfer History

Players bought: 178
Players sold: 113
Total purchases: Rs 826,702,360
Total sales: Rs 737,164,708
Displaying 1-20 of 288 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-11-2019Pankaj GhadaiASLEEM XIAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 51,6825,940,000 
21-09-2019Vakul KhannaASLEEM XIAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 21,0499,160,000 
21-09-2019Ramoji BhattaASLEEM XIAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 11,7381,040,000 
21-09-2019Sushant GangulyASLEEM XIAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 43,6711,920,000 
05-09-2019Amit AgarwalASLEEM XIAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 16,2612,680,000 
03-09-2019Matthew GillespieASLEEM XIAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 39,3574,048,400 
03-09-2019Declan StewartASLEEM XIAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 42,2934,200,000 
15-09-2018Sachin DhingraASLEEM XIAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 18,0815,670,000 
15-09-2018Shrish BakshiASLEEM XIAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 28,54314,710,000 
15-09-2018Kamban DalaiASLEEM XIAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 15,3993,681,400 
11-06-2018Quannell Chanderpaulkiller machineAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 83,76022,516,000 
10-06-2018Paramdeep BediVirgin BoysAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 77,08621,400,000 
04-06-2018Ilyas ImmadAL MEO CRICKET CLUBSam XI 3030 33,96217,710,000 
04-06-2018Md AntorAL MEO CRICKET CLUBDragon XI 8795 13,8372,312,400 
04-06-2018Saurabh LokhnathAL MEO CRICKET CLUBAaaarCcccBbbb 29,8232,130,000 
31-05-2018Vikaas KejriwalSelfies SpidersAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 9,4451,260,000 
31-05-2018Carson ThompsonT Rex ArmyAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 5,438660,000 
31-05-2018Aakarsh ShrotriyaRumbondAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 9,0381,854,000 
30-05-2018Adhesht GargAssam StarsAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 6,1631,620,000 
30-05-2018Nishant VasaniShashank DinamosAL MEO CRICKET CLUB 2,992170,000 
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