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Transfer History

Players bought: 31
Players sold: 63
Total purchases: Rs 205,577,319
Total sales: Rs 142,777,131
Displaying 61-80 of 94 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
04-03-2017Nalin JalanDEAD MANRise of the DraGon 17,8311,689,300 
10-02-2017Bhasvan MadeedharRise of the DraGonDeactivated team 23,8511,020,000 
10-02-2017Henry WhiteRise of the DraGonRoyal Challengers Bangalore 7136 12,922612,000 
09-02-2017Greg AdcockRise of the DraGonDeactivated team 19,3224,681,800 
23-12-2016Shathira HossainRise of the DraGonAshkar King Challengers 30,861510,000 
19-12-2016Moin HaiderRise of the DraGonFIGHT FOR VICTORY 12,08790,000 
19-12-2016Ashraf KhanRise of the DraGonDeactivated team 8,82590,000 
19-12-2016James WalshRAINA SUNNY 11Rise of the DraGon 17,0841,000,000 
17-12-2016Simon OsborneDeactivated teamRise of the DraGon 19,3031,952,000 
16-12-2016Raimy PerryDeadly Demons 6946Rise of the DraGon 19,081334,100 
16-12-2016Mohsin MujtabaXtreme SmashersRise of the DraGon 18,6951,591,900 
23-11-2016Mani AadhavRise of the DraGonIndia X1 14,671311,200 
13-11-2016Shaker AkhtarRise of the DraGonTeam Barcelona 12,89890,000 
13-11-2016Saklain KhanRise of the DraGonModi Zindabad 11,20310,000 
28-10-2016Henry WhiteArun XI 7073Rise of the DraGon 12,92210,500 
27-10-2016Anshuman MahlotraRoyal Chalenger'sRise of the DraGon 22,3571,040,400 
27-10-2016Lester NiallAxe yuh muddaRise of the DraGon 12,1011,104,300 
27-10-2016Darren Westbareddy DragonsRise of the DraGon 15,5151,248,500 
11-10-2016Abhirup MongiaRise of the DraGonThe MCF 19,1642,040,000 
06-10-2016Shaheedur BurkiRise of the DraGonDark Knights 313991 22,7581,500,000 
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