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Transfer History

Players bought: 31
Players sold: 63
Total purchases: Rs 205,577,319
Total sales: Rs 142,777,131
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DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
11-08-2019Sujan RaiRise of the DraGonS Xi 1921 20,9661,600,000 
12-06-2019Rohitash WohraDevi RidersRise of the DraGon 251,33258,021,600 
25-05-2019Sondisa PietersonThe Deadly DemonsRise of the DraGon 20,10520,000,000 
24-05-2019Benedict HolnessRise of the DraGonBaghdads 13,9031,555,300 
27-03-2018Cedric JardineRise of the DraGonRoyal Warrior's CC 43,30415,184,800 
24-01-2018Raymoond FaulknerRise of the DraGonYami Years 18,565860,000 
23-01-2018Courtney EmritRise of the DraGonRoyal Chowdary 317 14,2771,576,400 
23-01-2018Stanley DurhamRise of the DraGonKiran Titans 32,5486,480,000 
12-01-2018Ranjeet AhirwalRise of the DraGonDhoni Dashers 1453 21,6704,279,200 
13-11-2017Courtney DwarikaRise of the DraGonKiller XI 893 37,2787,600,800 
13-11-2017Carl ClarkRise of the DraGonHitwicket Masters 1806 23,1481,160,200 
08-11-2017Daud MiandadRise of the DraGonSuper Shadowstormers Xi 28,5605,485,000 
12-10-2017Hugh AlexanderRise of the DraGonUnstoppable Eleven 18,5051,740,500 
11-10-2017Anshuman MahlotraRise of the DraGonRaj Team 37,5186,851,500 
02-10-2017Donald WalshMoNsTeRs ArmyRise of the DraGon 21,80112,999,999 
13-09-2017Mohsin MujtabaRise of the DraGonPrincessll 24,0623,819,800 
13-09-2017Hamid RahmanRise of the DraGonGujarat Thunders 2012 19,897602,700 
11-09-2017Luke CaringtonRise of the DraGonNorth East Rhino 30,4064,542,000 
25-08-2017Kusal FernandoRise of the DraGonPalak hitman 24,6862,715,500 
31-07-2017Jaya BadrinathKeshav Knightriders 7131Rise of the DraGon 24,98414,640,400 
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