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Transfer History

Players bought: 78
Players sold: 93
Total purchases: Rs 1,344,439,908
Total sales: Rs 1,439,056,100
Displaying 1-20 of 170 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
23-12-2020Tanay GaliRCB Royal Challengers BangaloreTitanz X1 110,21971,917,200 
23-12-2020Raghukul NagwaniTHE LEADERRCB Royal Challengers Bangalore 78,45163,203,200 
03-09-2020Fareed HafeezRCB Royal Challengers BangaloreOUR NEMESIS 105,2927,574,400 
27-08-2020Mudit TomarStelwart CiviliansRCB Royal Challengers Bangalore 58,05330,272,400 
27-08-2020Karan RathoreStelwart CiviliansRCB Royal Challengers Bangalore 66,19266,730,400 
20-08-2020Narain SaxenaRCB Royal Challengers BangaloreGag's warrior 152,77070,812,800 
06-08-2020Prateet SinghRCB Royal Challengers BangaloreKuch ni hoga 11 19,9042,493,200 
22-07-2020Deepesh RathoreRCB Royal Challengers Bangaloresaad pakistan sixer 21,8766,677,600 
19-06-2020Mark DuckworthTHE LEADERRCB Royal Challengers Bangalore 204,72047,288,700 
11-06-2020Wasim HaqRCB Royal Challengers BangaloreShyena 23,9937,364,000 
11-06-2020Devilaal SinghRCB Royal Challengers BangaloreMumbai Marathas 17,5153,000,000 
27-05-2020Kailash SamalaRCB Royal Challengers BangaloreSYLHET XI 34,12023,254,400 
26-05-2020Fareed HafeezColombo Cricket ClubRCB Royal Challengers Bangalore 150,83925,052,800 
26-05-2020Chandrakiran JainParamjeet XIRCB Royal Challengers Bangalore 12,6733,000,000 
19-05-2020Gilbert NeeshamRCB Royal Challengers BangaloreGenius Eleven 99 88,7697,526,200 
23-04-2020Haydar KhanRCB Royal Challengers BangaloreNAAM ME KYA RAKHA HAI 145,33824,401,300 
12-03-2020Mick WhiteRCB Royal Challengers BangaloreSULTAN 11 Rocks 14,6641,210,000 
23-02-2020Cedric WaldronTitan XIRCB Royal Challengers Bangalore 125,32920,000,000 
23-02-2020Ashwell SeversonRCB Royal Challengers BangaloreLoaded Elemonators 18,7751,256,600 
23-02-2020Glenn StarcRCB Royal Challengers BangaloreDravidian 5963 26,485937,300 
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