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Transfer History

Players bought: 57
Players sold: 69
Total purchases: Rs 1,514,174,401
Total sales: Rs 1,572,052,320
Displaying 1-20 of 126 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
13-08-2020Sujith EtiPeshawar Zalmi Khpl TeamHURRICANE'S EMPIRE 398,14330,612,600 
02-08-2020Vaibhav GoyalPeshawar Zalmi Khpl TeamSiya XI 346,69039,642,600 
15-07-2020Nazir YousfaniPeshawar Zalmi Khpl TeamPALAN WARRIOR 308,244148,932,400 
14-07-2020Sujith EtiMaGiCaL MoNsTeRPeshawar Zalmi Khpl Team 427,628135,000,000 
24-06-2020Nazir YousfaniGag's warriorPeshawar Zalmi Khpl Team 305,092210,000,000 
22-06-2020Brendan NeavesPeshawar Zalmi Khpl TeamAcid Bases 44,1295,491,200 
22-06-2020Vaibhav GoyalMaGiCaL MoNsTeRPeshawar Zalmi Khpl Team 373,833121,000,000 
21-06-2020Mustaq DawarAK Dark HorsePeshawar Zalmi Khpl Team 25,6081,480,000 
05-06-2020Pratik SaxenaPeshawar Zalmi Khpl TeamRoyal challenge X1 239,23891,312,600 
05-06-2020Bijit DebnathPeshawar Zalmi Khpl TeamBest amid the rest 235,42662,250,800 
05-06-2020Abraham MbangwaPeshawar Zalmi Khpl TeamFatal Eagles 318,16365,517,200 
06-05-2020Bijit DebnathMaGiCaL MoNsTeRPeshawar Zalmi Khpl Team 235,426127,000,000 
05-05-2020Abraham MbangwaMaGiCaL MoNsTeRPeshawar Zalmi Khpl Team 318,163163,000,000 
05-05-2020Pratik SaxenaMaGiCaL MoNsTeRPeshawar Zalmi Khpl Team 239,238175,000,000 
04-04-2020Shevon BarrowPeshawar Zalmi Khpl TeamHARPER CLAWS 31,8275,701,000 
06-01-2020Saqib ManduriSash RoyalsPeshawar Zalmi Khpl Team 17,7841,030,000 
15-12-2019Ross BeggsPeshawar Zalmi Khpl TeamFatal Eagles 92,92414,630,000 
27-11-2019Swajith AnandPeshawar Zalmi Khpl TeamAavee XI 119,03871,357,600 
23-11-2019Saiyyad MahmoodPeshawar Zalmi Khpl TeamRAINA'S RENJERS 100,67027,789,400 
20-11-2019Nicholas McAuleyPeshawar Zalmi Khpl TeamExodus 163,75066,570,000 
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