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Transfer History

Players bought: 104
Players sold: 154
Total purchases: Rs 1,867,073,822
Total sales: Rs 1,867,881,340
Displaying 21-40 of 258 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
14-09-2019Debabrata ChuangengLegends of PakistanMARKHOR XI 13,7533,480,000 
14-09-2019Bansi DahiyaLegends of PakistanThe Land Lords 12,9683,360,000 
14-09-2019Madhav KhandelwalLegends of PakistanFARHAN MARKHORS XI 13,3883,075,000 
02-09-2019Saiyyad AshrafLegends of PakistanBHUMIHAR WARRIORS 80,31457,782,400 
31-08-2019Andrew BrathwaiteLegends of PakistanKhulna Royals 11,6313,399,000 
25-08-2019Indranil AgarwalMaster Blaster 4958Legends of Pakistan 113,38180,558,400 
19-08-2019Dharmendra KoiralaLegends of PakistanMARKHOR XI 11,7823,120,000 
16-08-2019Nathan CaronLegends of PakistanMARKHOR XI 13,4353,645,000 
13-08-2019Dingane NewthLegends of PakistanMoseley warriors 11,7968,880,500 
13-08-2019Harshal JoshiLegends of PakistanFARHAN MARKHORS XI 13,8424,065,000 
06-08-2019Bipin BhagatLegends of PakistanFARHAN MARKHORS XI 12,1353,000,000 
06-08-2019Pratik AgarwalLegends of PakistanHyd Warriors 30,53333,665,600 
02-08-2019Chandravadan ThawmloLegends of PakistanMARKHOR XI 11,8003,120,000 
24-07-2019Saiyyad AshrafImmortals AligarianLegends of Pakistan 72,31750,172,800 
21-07-2019Sajil KapurLegends of PakistanPAKISTAN SUPER LEAGUE XI 59,31540,310,000 
13-07-2019Jack CantwellMaliks MonstersLegends of Pakistan 33,08235,422,100 
11-07-2019Ajay PittuLegends of PakistanHITMAN ATTACKERS 99,69957,106,400 
09-07-2019Aditya LukramLegends of PakistanFARHAN MARKHORS XI 13,4523,240,000 
08-07-2019Lokesh DeshmukhLegendary WarriorLegends of Pakistan 126,84587,108,500 
30-06-2019Tanuj RupamLegends of PakistanMARKHOR XI 25,6082,475,000 
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