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Transfer History

Players bought: 34
Players sold: 31
Total purchases: Rs 210,445,615
Total sales: Rs 126,808,140
Displaying 41-60 of 65 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
01-04-2016Nadir KhianiPrince Abbas XIpeshawar zalmi khpal team 42,8467,500,000 
22-03-2016Adrian Callenderpeshawar zalmi khpal teamCheater 29,8312,000,000 
02-03-2016Lucas Lewispeshawar zalmi khpal teamDefaulters 14,7252,000,000 
02-03-2016Dickon Styrispeshawar zalmi khpal teamDefaulters 20,5132,550,000 
19-02-2016Lucas LewisRahul XI 364304peshawar zalmi khpal team 12,4182,040,000 
19-02-2016Kieron RocheTeam Bring Itpeshawar zalmi khpal team 20,6573,886,500 
18-02-2016Dickon StyrisChampions Xipeshawar zalmi khpal team 17,8882,670,600 
15-02-2016Norman Finschpeshawar zalmi khpal teamUTTARAKHAND BLAZERS 24,095800,000 
12-02-2016Norman FinschWhite walkers 2550peshawar zalmi khpal team 24,095757,800 
24-01-2016Niaz IbadullaNvr Say Nvr Againpeshawar zalmi khpal team 25,281850,000 
22-01-2016Aakshat NegalurINDIAN DRAGONSpeshawar zalmi khpal team 6,71610,000 
22-01-2016Deb TrivediDeactivated teampeshawar zalmi khpal team 8,73610,500 
22-01-2016Aditya PalDisasters XIpeshawar zalmi khpal team 6,17210,000 
21-01-2016Jason BadcoeFc Punjab 351167peshawar zalmi khpal team 7,88810,000 
21-01-2016Davy MasonDeactivated teampeshawar zalmi khpal team 5,57910,000 
21-01-2016Harun AbbasBoosters Machismopeshawar zalmi khpal team 5,26610,000 
21-01-2016Steve DarwinDeactivated teampeshawar zalmi khpal team 5,49310,000 
21-01-2016Brogan OwensPhoenix Incpeshawar zalmi khpal team 18,2374,080,000 
19-01-2016Malesh BandopadhyayAviralspeshawar zalmi khpal team 24,8592,550,000 
19-01-2016Gagan MongiaRahul Riders 320420peshawar zalmi khpal team 32,9701,040,400 
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