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Transfer History

Players bought: 34
Players sold: 31
Total purchases: Rs 210,445,615
Total sales: Rs 126,808,140
Displaying 1-20 of 65 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
16-10-2017Kieron Rochepeshawar zalmi khpal teamMaGiCaL MoNsTeR 165,59528,874,300 
12-06-2017Viraj Kohlipeshawar zalmi khpal teamJAAT BOYS 41,3003,920,600 
06-06-2017Motes Soarespeshawar zalmi khpal teamVipul's XI 30,0396,500,000 
26-05-2017Binnyker NutulapatiJunaid blaster'speshawar zalmi khpal team 60,56422,500,000 
31-03-2017Chinmay Hirwepeshawar zalmi khpal teamSajid X 45,29512,424,400 
12-03-2017Argho RahaRK Champspeshawar zalmi khpal team 54,13526,330,800 
12-03-2017Adam Quinnpeshawar zalmi khpal teamMskumar Machines 23,88410,966,300 
07-03-2017Oscar WoodwardMilan Knights XIpeshawar zalmi khpal team 34,65711,220,000 
06-12-2016Muhammed ShanifSunriser's Hyderabadpeshawar zalmi khpal team 42,17024,841,900 
02-12-2016Nishat Jiskanipeshawar zalmi khpal teamKPK ZALMI XI 27,5672,420,000 
08-09-2016Faraz Mengalpeshawar zalmi khpal teamCHENNAI CSK SIRUTHAI 18,4862,022,500 
31-08-2016Grant FinschCuttack Carnivalpeshawar zalmi khpal team 43,32421,224,200 
29-08-2016Taha Zaidipeshawar zalmi khpal teamIlyas Crews 11 18,6274,273,200 
15-08-2016Ayaz Afridipeshawar zalmi khpal teamDeactivated team 18,2422,700,000 
02-08-2016Deepak Hauselpeshawar zalmi khpal teamroyal challenger banglor 45,1863,183,700 
14-07-2016Anand Chebrolupeshawar zalmi khpal teamAustrals 37,83618,000,000 
14-07-2016Chinmay HirweDon't Mindpeshawar zalmi khpal team 42,73121,133,000 
12-07-2016Nadir Khianipeshawar zalmi khpal teamThe Knights XI Team 48,8317,500,000 
25-06-2016Vinothen Ashwinshaolin cricketerspeshawar zalmi khpal team 16,3562,477,700 
25-06-2016Nuwan ArnoldaADENGAPPA11peshawar zalmi khpal team 21,4003,138,800 
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