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Transfer History

Players bought: 103
Players sold: 210
Total purchases: Rs 2,589,466,200
Total sales: Rs 2,625,666,660
Displaying 161-180 of 313 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
15-02-2017Zane FaulknerHINDUSTAN MAVERICKSTHE YOUTH ARMY 15,426155,800 
15-02-2017David CampbellTHE YOUTH ARMYflare sprks 13,194668,700 
09-02-2017Anvesh KejriwalTHE YOUTH ARMYWinning Legends 31,02212,000,000 
09-02-2017Agam OswalTHE YOUTH ARMYakki thunderbolts 10,282999,600 
07-02-2017Gurbaaz SaiKumarRoyal SikarTHE YOUTH ARMY 40,45820,000,000 
06-02-2017Anupam Harnyoung indiaTHE YOUTH ARMY 20,4255,440,300 
05-02-2017Nathan KabuTHE YOUTH ARMYDeactivated team 48,26815,000,000 
02-02-2017Reginald HamptonTHE YOUTH ARMYHITWICKET ARMY 10,225825,000 
02-02-2017Justin ForsythTHE YOUTH ARMYHITWICKET ARMY 26,3011,620,000 
01-02-2017Jethro DabengwaTHE YOUTH ARMYAGENT CODE ERROR 59,83328,154,300 
01-02-2017Suhail AliTHE YOUTH ARMYhumzahanif 11,413948,600 
31-01-2017Aansh BihaniGARGANTIC XITHE YOUTH ARMY 44,33520,400,000 
30-01-2017Reginald HamptonAndhra RoyalsTHE YOUTH ARMY 10,22510,200 
30-01-2017Justin ForsythDeactivated teamTHE YOUTH ARMY 26,301204,000 
26-01-2017Maximilian StevensTHE YOUTH ARMYHITWICKET ARMY 11,900870,000 
25-01-2017Dileep MinhasTHE YOUTH ARMYHITWICKET ARMY 17,2171,500,000 
25-01-2017Oliver AdkinsTHE YOUTH ARMYHITWICKET ARMY 18,8042,300,000 
24-01-2017Vimal BemalHISTORY CREATORTHE YOUTH ARMY 32,43915,300,000 
11-01-2017Claude HeymanTHE YOUTH ARMYDeactivated team 18,831572,300 
10-01-2017Maximilian StevensAaradhya Indian BrigadeTHE YOUTH ARMY 11,900500,000 
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