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Transfer History

Players bought: 103
Players sold: 210
Total purchases: Rs 2,589,466,200
Total sales: Rs 2,625,666,660
Displaying 81-100 of 313 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-02-2018James HamptonTHE YOUTH ARMYDeactivated team 102,94771,027,300 
06-02-2018Gordon PercyTHE YOUTH ARMYIndian Legends 5412 13,4911,236,000 
04-01-2018Mark SheringhamTHE YOUTH ARMYDeactivated team 13,3281,200,000 
04-01-2018Abhitesh AgarwalTHE YOUTH ARMYDeactivated team 18,6962,800,000 
20-12-2017Arthur JonesDeactivated teamTHE YOUTH ARMY 46,13430,900,000 
20-12-2017Robert WardTHE YOUTH ARMYDeactivated team 79,37935,500,000 
15-12-2017Johnny CaesarTHE YOUTH ARMYDeactivated team 12,7882,100,000 
08-12-2017Jayendra PayankanTHE YOUTH ARMYDeactivated team 13,365262,700 
01-12-2017Vipul PokalBIG BOSS XIITHE YOUTH ARMY 167,77370,000,000 
30-11-2017William WadsworthTHE YOUTH ARMYSahiwal Suns 15,0663,811,000 
28-11-2017Aneel KumbleTHE YOUTH ARMYMeena Royals 131,88557,500,000 
28-11-2017Peter HorneTHE YOUTH ARMYRaipur Rockers 9521 13,053650,000 
14-11-2017Khurram BabarTHE YOUTH ARMYDeactivated team 9,559350,000 
14-11-2017Gordon AdamTHE YOUTH ARMYArup Artists 19,0041,639,200 
31-10-2017Alvin DoullTHE YOUTH ARMYDeactivated team 13,0135,000,000 
28-10-2017Robert WardADENGAPPA11THE YOUTH ARMY 71,76834,666,100 
28-10-2017Matt WyattTHE YOUTH ARMYTARAK FANS 80,78841,499,400 
25-10-2017Bradley KabuTHE YOUTH ARMYSam Sirens 1980 15,6741,465,400 
17-10-2017Addison WilliamsTHE YOUTH ARMYDeactivated team 19,8242,000,000 
13-10-2017Khurram BabarSaad StormsTHE YOUTH ARMY 9,559175,000 
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