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Transfer History

Players bought: 120
Players sold: 191
Total purchases: Rs 1,929,158,960
Total sales: Rs 2,679,554,446
Displaying 221-240 of 309 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
20-10-2016Shakeel BarijaVamsi XlThe DRAGONITES XI 20,6792,550,000 
20-10-2016Nilesh PenkarShetty XI 9016The DRAGONITES XI 38,9941,380,300 
19-10-2016Archie WixonThe DRAGONITES XIDeactivated team 35,6223,000,000 
19-10-2016Indranil KhandelwalThe DRAGONITES XIbowlers 11 42,30510,030,000 
18-10-2016David QuinlanThe DRAGONITES XIreal fighters 11 28,3361,500,000 
18-10-2016Nikin RallabhandiThe DRAGONITES XIdestroyer eLeVeN 899 10,6781,500,000 
17-10-2016Jeffrey DillionThe DRAGONITES XIGonabal Goons 18,9142,208,300 
17-10-2016Daasu VernekarThe DRAGONITES XIPeth Snipers 39,9203,264,000 
16-10-2016Indranil KhandelwalWhy So SeriousThe DRAGONITES XI 42,9186,298,400 
14-10-2016Archie WixonDream CityThe DRAGONITES XI 36,113500,000 
14-10-2016Buddhika NishanthaTamannah's TazersThe DRAGONITES XI 19,15176,500 
14-10-2016Harihar VazeThunder BatsThe DRAGONITES XI 17,737250,000 
13-10-2016Fahim RafiqThe DRAGONITES XILightening Thunders 37,5464,480,000 
12-10-2016Peleg SheldonThe DRAGONITES XILightening Thunders 23,9114,520,000 
11-10-2016Nikin RallabhandiRAVAGEThe DRAGONITES XI 10,6782,000,000 
10-10-2016Khalon MasonThe DRAGONITES XIBharath Power 18,7892,000,000 
10-10-2016Oliver WyattDeactivated teamThe DRAGONITES XI 20,0621,325,000 
10-10-2016Gerhard BadgeryDeactivated teamThe DRAGONITES XI 20,4653,000,000 
09-10-2016Mohsin SajjadThe DRAGONITES XIBharath Power 12,194800,000 
08-10-2016Navin VashisthaRAVAGEThe DRAGONITES XI 13,6592,820,000 
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