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Transfer History

Players bought: 120
Players sold: 191
Total purchases: Rs 1,929,158,960
Total sales: Rs 2,679,554,446
Displaying 1-20 of 309 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
02-11-2019Reginald BlattThe DRAGONITES XIRED ANTS 250,166111,672,000 
02-11-2019Oscar WrightRED ANTSThe DRAGONITES XI 108,34075,457,600 
18-09-2019Lance BettyThe DRAGONITES XIPALNADU CRICKET CLUB 77,734247,960,400 
04-09-2019Lance Bettytoy1The DRAGONITES XI 16,03819,609,400 
31-05-2019Sushant AgarwalThe DRAGONITES XIRv's Sharpshooters 12,2362,296,900 
28-05-2019Stevie LeachTEAM NADEEMThe DRAGONITES XI 274,105116,391,600 
08-05-2019Vikas AryanThe DRAGONITES XIHits A lot 161,716149,309,600 
08-05-2019Nagesh PawgiThe DRAGONITES XIHits A lot 236,14380,227,200 
10-03-2019Idris NadeemThe DRAGONITES XIlast Opponents 228,39666,900,000 
05-03-2019Bipak HauhniangThe DRAGONITES XIDarshan Mehta's X1 Love 12,3453,340,000 
27-02-2019Dost ShahidThe DRAGONITES XITigers of Future 182,60252,616,000 
25-02-2019Apurv GoelThe DRAGONITES XIspartan Da 1506 34,70316,410,000 
20-02-2019Mou SoumajitThe DRAGONITES XICHAKRABUHA 162,790135,320,800 
20-02-2019Abhijeet HnawtsutThe DRAGONITES XIAurisha 13,2962,850,000 
15-02-2019Ben MannThe DRAGONITES XIAdamanT 29,22836,280,000 
13-02-2019Allan WynyardCHENNAI SCORCHERSSThe DRAGONITES XI 25,34718,753,900 
13-02-2019Gajanan KurupThe DRAGONITES XIEaglee Club 32,29347,152,800 
11-02-2019Adil Iqbaldevils group1The DRAGONITES XI 206,57952,167,500 
29-01-2019Amit AcharyaThe DRAGONITES XITigers of Sundarban 12,80510,089,200 
27-01-2019Sobhan ManhasLightening ThundersThe DRAGONITES XI 23,21225,446,500 
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