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Transfer History

Players bought: 41
Players sold: 70
Total purchases: Rs 289,899,849
Total sales: Rs 261,214,920
Displaying 1-20 of 110 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
09-02-2017Ross BothaDe villiers ClubMylove XI 19,2934,800,000 
29-01-2017Nicholas ThatcherDeactivated teamDe villiers Club 93,02152,969,800 
23-01-2017Mike FlettDe villiers ClubPremananda XI 24,0966,500,000 
15-01-2017Jahmar GriffithDe villiers Clubsagthuners 40,74116,236,600 
15-01-2017Janaka VinodiDe villiers ClubPremananda XI 47,1475,600,000 
15-01-2017Chalitha BuddhikaDe villiers ClubHind force 61,80010,200,000 
12-01-2017Carrig RankinDe villiers ClubDeactivated team 14,9841,530,000 
05-12-2016Jon MandelaDe villiers ClubPremananda XI 18,1392,030,000 
29-11-2016Tony ButlerDe villiers ClubMasud Megatrons 12,20416,500 
29-11-2016Puneet ChoursiyaAssociation of Frustrated SoulsDe villiers Club 19,7704,590,000 
28-11-2016Eric HarrisDe villiers ClubWright 18,2041,591,900 
26-11-2016Russell HarryPravo XIDe villiers Club 22,4233,000,000 
17-11-2016Nadim RafikDe villiers ClubPremananda XI 35,2038,000,000 
14-11-2016Hussain NishapuriEra Revolution 3'0De villiers Club 21,2867,520,600 
09-11-2016Muhammad AkhtarDeactivated teamDe villiers Club 56,15324,448,300 
02-11-2016Derek WhiteDe villiers ClubSibi Strikers 16,771510,000 
30-10-2016Lasantha AnuruddaDe villiers ClubTherlaye 49,42616,081,900 
29-10-2016Habibul AkhterMumbai Riders 11De villiers Club 29,8577,000,000 
24-10-2016Henrichs MshangweDe villiers ClubPremananda XI 18,6313,000,000 
21-10-2016Ashfaq JamshidiDe villiers ClubYungistaan 22,802520,200 
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