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Transfer History

Players bought: 71
Players sold: 81
Total purchases: Rs 1,421,167,961
Total sales: Rs 1,817,499,436
Displaying 141-152 of 152 results.
DatePlayerFromToSkill IndexTransfer fee
07-04-2016Ajith LahiruThe MSD Special ArmyCentury Hitters 19,7471,900,000 
10-03-2016Jeevan SamaraweeraThe MSD Special ArmyPhantom Phoenix 19,388500,000 
28-02-2016Athukorala AbeywansaThe MSD Special ArmySaddam's Boyz 17,733100,000 
18-02-2016Eashan SamanThe MSD Special ArmyDeactivated team 19,15610,000 
28-01-2016Kyan RhodenUraya DimuThe MSD Special Army 15,6633,400,000 
28-01-2016Harry LavaterDevil's Doom XIThe MSD Special Army 18,1364,266,900 
19-01-2016Atheeq VinodiThe MSD Special ArmyRocking Warriors XI 8,51210,200 
19-01-2016Athukorala ChamodiThe MSD Special ArmyBi Swingers 10,18310,000 
19-01-2016Ravi JayawardeneThe MSD Special ArmyReDBuLL Champs 6,27710,200 
12-01-2016Tino DabengwaThe MSD Special ArmyAllegiants 28,9764,156,000 
12-01-2016Nilakshan MalingaThe MSD Special ArmyCHENNAIYIN Raiders 14,6221,263,100 
12-01-2016Mervyn MtizwaThe MSD Special ArmyROYAL FIXERS 19,3222,400,000 
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